How Long Is A Missouri State Inspection Good For?

How Long Is A Missouri State Inspection Good For
The date of inspection determines the beginning of the 60-day period during which a Certificate of Inspection and Approval is valid. When applying for the renewal of a title, license, or registration, you are required to present a Certificate of Inspection and Approval that is currently in force (unless exempt).

Does a 1996 car need emissions in Missouri?

Ask the Expert – Why Do We Need Inspections

What kinds of vehicles are subject to emissions inspections in Missouri? If you live in a region that requires residents to have their vehicles tested for emissions, the next key thing to take into consideration is the type of vehicle as well as the model year of the car.

  • These automobiles are required to get their emissions tested in Missouri: Gasoline automobiles manufactured for the model year 1996 and after.
  • Diesel cars with a curb weight of less than 8,500 pounds that were manufactured after the 1997 model year.
  • According to the law, the cars listed above are required to have their emissions tested once every two years, unless the vehicle is still inside its first five model years (or is subject to some other exemption rule).

In the state of Missouri, the cost of an emissions test is $24. When transferring a title in the state of Missouri, you may also be required to have an emissions test performed on your vehicle.