How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City?

How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City
Approximately two hours and fifteen minutes The performance lasts around two hours and 15 minutes in total, including the intermissions that last for twenty minutes each.

How long is the Nutcracker ballet KC?

“An amazing production that will enchant young and old alike, the Kansas City Ballet’s The Nutcracker is certainly one of a kind and the ideal compliment to the Christmas season,” is how the show is described. -DCMetroTheaterArts The critically acclaimed Christmas performance makes its way back to its original home in Kansas City after having its world debut at the Kennedy Center in Washington, District of Columbia.

  1. This timeless tale was written by E.T.A.
  2. Hoffman, and it is performed to the well-known soundtrack by Tchaikovsky.
  3. Artistic Director Devon Carney has also designed brilliant costumes, magnificent sets, and engaging choreography for the production.
  4. Feel the gleam once again when your childhood dreams resurface and encourage you to IMAGINE AGAIN as you watch the amazement in your children’s eyes and see it ignite in their eyes.

The performance will last for around two hours and 15 minutes total, with one intermission that will last for 20 minutes. Offerings made by The majority of shows offer ticket reductions to groups of 10 or more people. Find out more about the group deals that we provide.

In the Brandmeyer Great Hall of the Kauffman Center, guests have the opportunity to have their photos taken with one of the characters from The Nutcracker one hour before to each performance and immediately following the conclusion of each show. These images start at twenty dollars each, and proceeds will go to the Kansas City Ballet School.

Are you in town for a visit from out of town? Check out the holiday package that is now being offered by the Hotel Phillips! YouTube Watch this space! Share Copy link Online Shopping on the Internet Tap to remove the mute. If the playback doesn’t start after a short amount of time, you should try restarting your device.

How long does the Nutcracker ballet last?

The Nutcracker, choreographed by George Balanchine, is sure to add a touch of enchantment to your 2022 holiday celebrations. This Sugarplum-filled excursion is sure to please, regardless of whether you are planning your first trip to the ballet or continuing a family tradition that has been going on for years.

What do you wear to the Kansas City Ballet?

There is no prescribed attire to follow. The vast majority of people consider attending a performance by the Kansas City Ballet to be a worthy occasion that warrants appropriate attire; nevertheless, what you choose to wear to the performance is entirely up to you and should be determined by how it affects your level of comfort.

How long does the Wizard of Oz Ballet last?

Photograph taken by John Salvaggio of the Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall * Schools and groups for elderly citizens will be invited to attend one of the Special Student and Senior Matinee Performances. Dial 610-696-2711 to speak with someone about getting more information or to make a reservation for your school or senior group.

Is The Nutcracker ball real?

6. Cipriani – Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Images courtesy of Entertainment/Getty The elite restaurant, which is located in a former bank and has kept all of its original furnishings including teller’s windows, frequently plays home to award ceremonies as well as cocktail parties attended by glitterati.

On the surface, it doesn’t look like much, but its position directly across the street from Grand Central Station makes it an ideal spot for hosting the Nutcracker Ball. This means that both New Yorkers and commuters will have an easy time getting there. These possibilities don’t even reach as far as the boroughs outside of Manhattan.

In instance, Brooklyn is home to a plethora of venues that might potentially serve as the setting for the legendary Nutcracker Ball. There is no evidence to support the claim that the party does not exist; nevertheless, there is also no evidence to refute the claim.

Is there a dress code for The Nutcracker?

Even if there isn’t a specific dress requirement, it would be a good moment to show that certain evenings at the theater are more special than others. When my daughter and I go to see performances such as the ballet or a broadway musical at the plaza, we usually dress up in our Sunday best attire.

Can I wear jeans to the ballet?

Message to avoid wearing T-shirts Despite the fact that attendees may dress more casually, the ballet is still seen as a somewhat refined activity; therefore, attendees should refrain from wearing T-shirts that promote a certain beer brand or advocate for their political beliefs. Even if all you are wearing are shorts and a cotton shirt, you should make it a goal to seem nice and put together.

Is there a dress code for the Kauffman Center?

Attendance is encouraged for anybody and everyone at the Kauffman Center and similar non-profit organizations. As a result, there is no predetermined dress code.

What are the best seats at the Kauffman Center?

Answer that is helpful 0 Votes Not nearly as useful The cost of the tickets is sometimes used as an illustration of this, albeit a direct correlation is not necessarily required. A concert or an orchestra performance, for instance, could sound better if you are further back in the venue. since well over a year ago Have a problem with this response?

How long is the average Nutcracker performance?

December 2 – 3, 2021 The Bayou Theater at the University of Houston in Clear Lake and the Bay Area on December 10, 2021 Your party is cordially invited to attend Houston Ballet & Theatre’s annual performance of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” which the company is thrilled to announce will take place this year.

  • This entrancing ballet gives school groups from public as well as private schools, home schools, active individuals, and older persons the chance to see THE NUTCRACKER at a discounted price.
  • The Bayou Theater on the campus of the University of Houston-Clear Lake will be the location of the performances.

The following is a list of the performances that will be given for school and homeschool groups:

  • The second of December, 2021, on a Thursday (9:30 and 11:30 AM)
  • The third of December, 2021, on a Friday (9:30 and 11:30 AM)
  • The tenth of December, 2021, on a Friday (9:30 and 11:30 AM)

The total running time for each performance is around two hours and ten minutes, which includes a very brief intermission. Pricing for School Performance Tickets for the Year 2021: $10 per person for groups of 10 or more persons. $12.50 per person for groups with fewer than 10 persons.

  1. Name of the Institution/Homeschool/Organization (required)
  2. The address of the school/homeschool/organization (required)
  3. Telephone number of the school (optional)
  4. Name, e-mail address, and phone number of a person who can be contacted (required)
  5. Information on a secondary point of contact, including their name, email address, and phone number (optional)
  6. Your group’s desired attendance for the following performance (required):
  • 9:30AM on Thursday, the 2nd of December
  • 11:30 a.m., on December 2nd, Thursday
  • 9:30AM on Friday, the 3rd of December
  • 11:30 AM, on Friday, the 3rd of December
  • 9:30AM on Friday, the 10th of December
  • 11:30 am, on Friday, the 10th of December

7. The total amount of tickets that are necessary (required) 8. Please include a list of specific requirements, including the number of wheelchairs and accessible seats, as well as information on hearing and vision impairments. When making reservations, please ensure that the total number of kids, chaperones, instructors, parents, and bus drivers, in addition to any more siblings, are included in the count.

  1. There are only a certain number of seats available, and these unique weekday performances go fast! When it comes to the performances at 9:30 in the morning, precedence will be given to groups from public schools.
  2. When full payment is received for a reservation, the reservation is said to be “Finalized.” After you have made a reservation, a confirmation packet that includes instructions on how to make a payment will be emailed to you.

Before the date specified in the email, full payment is required to secure a reservation for THE NUTCRACKER. Any reservations that are made before to October 1, 2021 will be retained for a period of one month. The seats will be made available for other patrons if payment is not received within the first thirty days, unless other arrangements have been established with the School Performance Coordinators at BAHBT.

  1. The reservation will be retained for a total of 14 days for any bookings made after October 1, 2021.
  2. Seats will be made available for other patrons if payment is not received within 14 days, unless other arrangements have been established with the School Performance Coordinators at BAHBT.
  3. Please keep in mind that, just as with regular theater bookings, there are NO REFUNDS given for seats that are canceled.
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Please email [email protected] to get in touch with the BAHBT School Performance Coordinators.

How long is each act in The Nutcracker?

How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City There are a few telltale indicators that indicate the Christmas season is getting closer. The colors red and green are prominently used in television advertising this time of year, and festive music plays in the background while advertisers promote the newest consumer electronics products.

  1. People in Seattle begin to prepare for the onset of the rainy season by pulling out their jackets, boots, and vitamin D supplements.
  2. In addition, The Nutcracker®, choreographed by George Balanchine, will be performed here at PNB.
  3. Company dancers and students from the PNB School performing George Balanchine’s choreography in his production of The Nutcracker®.

The Trust Named After George Balanchine Photo Copyright Angela Sterling. If you’ve been before, you know what to expect from the experience: the lobby will be decorated with giant wreaths and Seattle’s largest Christmas tree; families will be dressed up and posing for photos; children will grab booster cushions and make their way down the aisle to their seats; and the PNB Orchestra will be tuning up before beginning the traditional Tchaikovsky score.

  • However, if you have never been before, you may be concerned about whether or not your children would take pleasure in seeing a play.
  • Is your youngster of an age where they could handle The Nutcracker? PNB’s production of The Nutcracker is rather family-friendly, much like the majority of other adaptations of the ballet.

The most of the moments in the ballet are bright and happy, and the dancers are smiling throughout. However, there is one part in the ballet that shows a confrontation between the Nutcracker Prince and the Mouse King, which includes some play violence.

Your youngster should be prepared for the fight scene, as well as for a period during a storm at night when brilliant lights will represent lightning. If this is the first live performance that your kid has ever seen, it is important to reassure them that even though what is happening onstage may seem genuine, the people involved are actually actors, and they are perfectly safe.

Company dancers and students from the PNB School performing George Balanchine’s choreography in his production of The Nutcracker®. The Trust Named After George Balanchine Photo Copyright Angela Sterling. Would that be something that your kid would be interested in hearing? Reading the tale of the ballet to your kid is the most essential thing you can do with them at any age, and it should be a priority for you.

Remind your youngster that there will be no singing or talking during the performance; the whole narrative will be conveyed only via dancing. The Prince gives a monologue using pantomime at the opening of the second act. Pantomime is the ballet equivalent of delivering a tale without using any words and instead relying only on body language and gestures.

Explain to your kid that he is recalling the fight that he and Clara fought against the Mouse King, and ask your child if they can figure out what his gestures signify from what he is saying. Before each performance of The Nutcracker, there is a magic show for the audience in the foyer.

  • Photo credit goes to Lindsay Thomas The tale is told in a variety of ways by several ballet groups.
  • The plot and choreography of the very first Nutcracker ballet were created by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov.
  • George Balanchine reworked this dance for American companies in 1954.
  • PNB stays true to the original tale and choreography of this ballet.

After you have bought your tickets, keep an eye on the casting to find out who will be playing the major parts at the performance you are attending. After that, you may read their bios online or view videos of them performing on YouTube. There are many patrons of the ballet who find that having a more personal connection with the performers enhances their overall experience at the ballet.

It’s possible that your kid has something in common with the dancer who’s playing the Sugar Plum Fairy in the production! Your youngster will be able to sit through the show, right? The Nutcracker performed by PNB runs for a total of two hours, including one intermission that lasts for 25 minutes. It takes 52 minutes to complete the first act, which includes scenes such as the Party Scene, the Battle Scene, and the Snow Scene.

Act II is approximately 46 minutes long and begins with the well-known “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” It then continues with Clara and the Prince’s adventures in the Land of Sweets and concludes with the iconic “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” The first act is where the majority of the tale is recounted, while the second act is where the majority of Tchaikovsky’s most well-known music is performed along with some of the most exquisite dancing by both students and professional ballet dancers.

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® with Leah Merchant and Dammiel Cruz, with choreography by George Balanchine The Trust Named After George Balanchine Photo credit goes to Lindsay Thomas In the event that you or your kid require assistance at any time during the performance, you are free to depart the theater at any time and continue to watch the performance on one of the many huge monitors that have been strategically placed throughout the lobby.

Can’t get a good look at the complete stage? PNB provides youngsters with the option of using booster cushions. Get your hands on a cushion for your child’s seat if they are tall enough to fulfill the theater’s standards for admission height. If you want to see the intricacies onstage, you might want to think about hiring a set of binoculars.

Take advantage of the break that will be provided when it is time for the interval. Discuss what you thought of the first act once you’ve had a chance to stretch your legs and use one of the numerous restrooms available in McCaw Hall. Before you watch the second act, you should take a minute to clear up any residual uncertainty and answer any questions that your child might have.

It’s possible that your kid is hungry, too! The theater does not permit food, however there is a concession stand where you may purchase refreshments before the play or during the interval. Keep in mind that you are not permitted to speak throughout the performance; nevertheless, a little bit of whispering here and there is OK.

When you chat during a live orchestra and dance performance, it takes away from the pleasure that is being created for the audience surrounding you, who are also enjoying the act. If at all possible, please hold your talks until the interval or until after the show. Final judgments It is ultimately up to the parents of the child to determine whether or not they are mature enough to watch a show that is two hours long.

A good number of parents report that their 6-year-old children are thrilled by the show, although the adults themselves feel restless and irritated throughout it. Because the cost of tickets might be considered an investment, it is important to discuss your child’s attendance intentions with them before making any purchases.

Determine whether or not they are interested by reading the story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.” Demonstrate to them a video recording of a live performance. Additionally, be on the lookout for cheap tickets for children and young adults. The featured photo depicts audience members of The Nutcracker watching a magic display in the foyer before the performance.

Photo credit goes to Lindsay Thomas How Long Is The Nutcracker Ballet Kansas City

How long does a ballet show last?

Questions and Answers Regarding Ticketing 1 When will tickets for the 2022 – 2023 season of the Houston Ballet go on sale to the general public? Beginning on August 8, 2022, single tickets for the 2022-2023 season will be made available to the public.

Tickets for the Houston Ballet can be purchased on the internet, in person at the Houston Ballet’s Box Office located within the Wortham Theater Center, or over the phone at (713) 227-2787 (ARTS).2 Who should I contact if I want to get season tickets? Dial (713) 227-2787 for information on how to become a subscriber (ARTS).

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The perks of becoming a member include getting first dibs on seats, or if you subscribe to the Full Season, getting a renewal of your same seats at a discount of up to 17% in specific parts of the theater. All subscribers are entitled to free exchanges within the same ballet, and full season members have the opportunity to switch their subscription from one ballet to another once throughout the course of the season.

  1. Every subscriber receives a year’s worth of Houston Ballet News as well as a ten percent discount on any additional tickets they purchase for the main season of ballets.
  2. Please go to the Subscriber Benefits page for any further information you may want.3 If I buy tickets through the internet, would I be able to select better seats? Regardless of whether you buy your tickets online or over the phone, you will have access to the same seats.

When you buy tickets online, you will have access to a graphic that details the precise placement of your seats in the venue. When you call in to purchase tickets, a salesperson will walk you through the various sections of the venue and point you where seats are still available.4 How can I make a ticket purchase over the phone or online? Visit to make purchases through the website.

  1. If you would like to make a purchase over the phone, you may reach us at 713.227.2787(ARTS) or 1.800.828.2787.
  2. ARTS).5 What is the process for purchasing tickets for a large group? Please contact 713-535-3245 between the hours of 9 a.m.
  3. And 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to purchase tickets for groups.6 My order did not go through completely online.

What action should I take? Call the box office at 713.227.2787 if you need assistance (ARTS).7 Who should I get in touch with if I can’t find my tickets? Call the box office at either 713.227.2787(ARTS) or 1.800.828.2787 if you need assistance (ARTS) 9 a.m.

to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday 8 Is there a reduced price for students and elderly citizens? When will tickets for students and seniors be made available? Tickets at a reduced price for students and elderly citizens are put on sale approximately 90 minutes before the start of each performance. Each person who has a valid ID will be given one ticket.

Please visit the Ticket Offers page located in the Season & Tickets section for any more details. There are no student or senior discounts available for The Nutcracker tickets at this time.9 Can I still return my ticket even if I just purchased a single admission? You are able to swap your ticket for another performance of the same ballet; however, there is a cost of $7.00 per ticket.

Subscribers to the Houston Ballet do not need to worry about having to pay any exchange fees.10 Where can I pick up my tickets that were left at Will Call? When does the Will Call counter open and when does it close? Will Call opens the show ninety minutes before it is scheduled to begin and ends at the end of the first intermission.

FAQs Concerning Performance 11 Where can I get the schedule for the upcoming ballet performances? The Wortham Theater Center is the venue of choice for the Houston Ballet’s performances throughout the season. The Margaret Alkek Williams Center for Dance – Dance Lab is the venue for all of the performances of My First Ballet as well as the Summer Intensive Showcase.12 Where should I park if I’m going to see a show? Please go here for information and directions regarding parking.13 Where do I go if I arrive late? There will be no seats available for late arrivals.

Please arrive early so that you have sufficient time to find your seat.14 What time should I get there before a performance? If your tickets are being held at Will Call, you are required to check in at the box office one hour before the performance is scheduled to begin. Please plan to arrive early because the traffic and parking may be unexpected, and the queues for tickets can be very long.

Even if you already have your tickets, you should still leave yourself plenty of time to account for any potential delays caused by traffic or parking.15 What should I wear to an event that involves performing? When attending performances, it is recommended that you dress in a manner that falls in between business casual and more formal attire.

There is a wide range of attire seen at live performances, although attendees often make an effort to look their best for the occasion. There are times when the theater, and particularly the orchestra section, may feel rather chilly.16 How long does each of the ballets go on for? The length of time spent watching a ballet might range anywhere from two hours and fifty minutes to three hours.

You may acquire more particular information on the length of the performance by checking the performance details page under the Season Calendar for the show that you will attend two weeks before the performance. You may also contact the box office by calling either 713.227.2787 (ARTS) or 1-800-828-2787.17 Who should I contact if I find that I’ve misplaced something in the theater? Please call the Wortham Theater Center at the number 832-487-7004 if you have any lost things to claim.18 Am I permitted to take photographs inside of the theater? Within the confines of the theater, the use of any photographing or recording equipment is absolutely forbidden.

Inside the theater, the use of cellular cellphones and paging devices is strictly prohibited.19 Who should I speak to if I need to make arrangements for wheelchair access? You have the option of purchasing seats in the ADA-designated sections online, or you may call our box office at 713.227.2787(ARTS) for assistance with obtaining wheelchair accessible seating.20 Does the Houston Ballet provide performances that are narrated for those who are vision impaired? Sight into Sound (SIS), a non-profit organization in Houston that serves the blind and visually-impaired population, works with Houston Ballet to provide audio description services for consumers who are visually impaired.

These services are provided in conjunction with Houston Ballet. Customers who require narrative services should contact the box office at 713.227.2787(ARTS) to make arrangements for a narrator at least two weeks in advance of the performance they wish to see.

  • This will ensure that a narrator will be able to attend the performance on the date and at the time that the customer specifies.
  • Members of the SIS team go to another performance and read the program in order to better prepare for the one they are about to put on so that they may use language that is concise, vivid, and inventive when describing the movement and visuals they see.

Members of the SIS team provide a detailed description of the stage design, the dancers’ physical looks, clothing, and moves. The audience members are given headphones to wear so that they may listen to the describer while the performance is taking place.

The Houston Ballet offers this service at no additional cost to its patrons. Questions and Answers for Guests with Children 21 If I have to take my child out of the theater, would I be able to come back in and continue watching the performance? No one is allowed to enter the theater while the dancers are performing out of consideration for the other people who have paid to watch them.22 When does a youngster reach an age when they can properly enjoy a trip to the ballet? Children who go to see a ballet should be able to sit still, be quiet, and pay attention for the whole performance, which often lasts for two hours.

It is Houston Ballet’s policy to require youngsters to be at least two years old before they are permitted to attend a performance. But everyone matures at their own pace, and parents are in the greatest position to gauge their child’s level of development.

  • Story ballets, such as “The Nutcracker,” are wonderful ways to introduce young audiences to the art form.
  • Your child is required to have a ticket at all times, regardless of his or her age.
  • Also, please be aware that parents who have children who are causing a disruption during the performance will be requested to remove such children out of respect for the other visitors.23 Where exactly are the administrative offices of the Houston Ballet located? The administrative offices of Houston Ballet may be found in downtown Houston, next to the Wortham Theater Center, at 601 Preston Street, Houston, Texas 77002 in the United States of America.
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The typical workday in an office runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Please be aware that the venue in which Houston Ballet season performances are held is not the same as this one. If you need information about the location of a particular performance, please check out

Does The Nutcracker have an intermission?

Since its first performance in its entirety in the United States on Christmas Eve in 1944 at the San Francisco Ballet, “The Nutcracker” has become an integral component of the holiday traditions of a great number of households. As essential to the holiday as holly and Christmas trees are, so too are the scenes of Clara dancing with her nutcracker and ballerinas twirling in the “snow.” Because of its enchanting nature, The Nutcracker is frequently one of the first ballets that a youngster will see.

But because it lasts for a full two hours, including the intermission, it is also one of the most difficult ballets for children who are extremely young. However, there are certain things that you can do in advance to get ready for the trip, so that the entire family will be able to take pleasure in the performance.

Think about making a condensed version for the extremely young children. It’s perfect for infants and preschoolers! There are certain dance companies who perform a condensed version of “The Nutcracker.” I don’t know very many young children who are able to sit through the entire two hours, therefore I am absolutely THRILLED that there is an alternative to expose children the arts at a younger age that is shorter.

  • My Very First Nutcracker is performed annually by the New Ballet School in San Jose.
  • This production is comprised of the first act of The San Jose Nutcracker.
  • It recounts the well-known tale of Clara and the Nutcracker while also including historical references to the legacy that has helped make Santa Clara Valley the hub of creativity that it is today.

It is danced to a recorded score and is given at a price that is more affordable for young families to attend. Provide some insight into the differences between attending a play and a ballet. If you have taken your child to a movie or play, they may have the expectation that the actors or actresses would chat or sing while they are performing.

When going to the ballet for the first time, it’s crucial to make sure that first-time attendees understand that the dancers communicate with each other through movement and gestures. There is no singing or conversation taking place. If you let your youngster know ahead of time that there won’t be any talking, the chances of them asking “why isn’t anyone talking?” at an awkward time will be much reduced.

Please provide them with a summary of the ballet. Children and even some adults may have difficulty following up with what is going on stage if there is no singing or talking included in the performance. This helps to explain why the initial portion of “The Nutcracker” is “real,” but the rest of the story is purely Clara’s dream once she falls asleep.

In addition, if you have a kid who is very sensitive or easily startled, it may be helpful to explain to them that The Nutcracker, much like the dreams we have when we sleep, may be terrifying, beautiful, and even a little bit bizarre at times. This may help ease their fears. However, you should reassure them that the story will have a happy ending much like previous programs for children, with Clara waking up with her family.

Also, after you go to the theater, you should read the program and go through the many movements and acts so that the audience members know when to anticipate their favorite movement and the intermission. Take turns reading the narrative. It is possible that you or your child will not understand what is happening in the ballet if you are not familiar with the narrative.

  • This is especially true in regards to Uncle Drosselmeyer and who he is.
  • Before going to see The Nutcracker ballet, it is strongly recommended that you first read one of the children’s picture books based on the story.
  • Although it is tempting to want to watch one of the many DVDs that are currently available of the ballet, doing so may prevent some youngsters from appreciating the unique experience of seeing a live performance.

In addition, if you read the narrative together, you will have a greater understanding of what is being place. There is a charming picture book available with buttons that, when pressed, play the music from the corresponding scene. Please press the note to hear Tchaikovsky’s music for The Nutcracker, performed by The Story Orchestra.

  • Maintain an attentiveness log.
  • Converge on the form. A coloring page with a nutcracker.
  • Paper doll of the Nutcracker Prince to color and build.
  • Make felt decorations
  • Puppets made from craft sticks can be made.

Everyone should stand up and move to the music. Dancing together while listening to music will make the experience even more memorable and enjoyable. Give your kid the freedom to dance in any way that their tender little heart moves them, and mirror their motions.

And you should do your own! This will make it easier for your child to grow familiar with the music, which will make it more enjoyable for them to recognize familiar tunes when they go to the ballet. Take a look at the sequence from the Nutcracker Suite that is set in Fantasia. Put on your most elegant attire and walk them through the proper etiquette.

You should make it clear to your kid that this is a special occasion, and that they will be expected to act in a more refined manner because of it. Everyone will have a better time if they are informed in advance of when to applaud, how to whisper, and how long they are required to remain seated.

This will help make the experience more pleasurable overall. Will they not make a single mistake? No. However, at least you’ve had the conversation with them before placing them in the precarious position. Make sure to get there early so you may greet the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. If you check with the production that you are going to watch, they may have the Nutcracker and the Mouse King stroll about before the play so that people may take pictures with them.

In some plays, this is an additional perk that takes place in a unique lounge area and is accompanied with hot chocolate, whilst in others, it is simply a standard component of the whole experience. Make it sweet. Bring lollipops with you just in case they can’t seem to calm down.

The dance de deux that occurs at the conclusion of Act II might be difficult for many youngsters to sit through while seeing the full-length version of the ballet. On a day-to-day basis, I’m not one to resort to bribery, but inside of a movie theater? To the extent that it is reasonable, I will try everything in my power to get them to behave properly.

Keep a supply of little candies on available to divert their attention. The usage of DumDums lollipops, which are little, have a wrapper that does not create as much noise when being unwrapped, and help to keep one’s hands cleaner, is, in my opinion, the ideal choice.

  • Place your order for the intermission snacks before the show begins.
  • In many theaters, you may place your order for the intermission refreshments you want before the performance even starts.
  • Please be sure to verify with the snack bar before you take your seat.
  • Because of this, you won’t be required to give up the snacks simply because you had to wait a long time to use the restroom.

After that, get some hot chocolate and look at the Christmas lights outside. After watching The Nutcracker in Downtown San Jose, my family and I always enjoy warming up with some hot chocolate and taking a stroll through Christmas in the Park. You may chat about the ballet, what you liked and didn’t like about it, as you stroll around, and the children will probably get an opportunity to do their finest grand jeté and pirouette while you do so.