How Many Fans At Kansas City Game?

How Many Fans At Kansas City Game
Fox 4 reported that the club made the announcement on Thursday that it would let 10,000 supporters inside each game. That accounts for slightly more than 26 percent of Kauffman Stadium’s roughly 38,000 total capacity, but it is a significant increase over the previous season’s attendance levels.

How many fans were at the Kansas City game?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – After escaping with a big win in one of the most exciting NFL games that many people have seen, the Kansas City Chiefs are moving on to host their fourth consecutive AFC Championship game and are looking to advance to their third consecutive Super Bowl.

  • This comes after the Chiefs escaped with a big win in one of the most exciting NFL games that many people have seen.
  • In the event that you intend to see the game at Arrowhead on the following Sunday.
  • The cost of the experience will not be minimal.
  • Currently on StubHub, prices for tickets to the AFC Championship game range from around $400 to $3,400 for each individual ticket.

The cost of parking will be around $60 for each vehicle. If you want to stay the night in Kansas City after the game and are searching for a hotel close to the stadium, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 per night for a room at one of the nearby hotels.

  1. Eyewitness News had the opportunity to speak with one of the approximately 73,000 fans who made it out to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night to watch the exciting AFC Divisional round matchup between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills who were in town as visitors.
  2. Ben Henwood and his wife traveled almost 200 miles to watch the highly anticipated game, which more than lived up to the excitement that had been built up leading up to it.

His recommendation for seeing the subsequent round at Arrowhead is to be there early. As a result of how the game on Sunday concluded, he also recommends that you should not leave the stadium too soon. When there was 13 seconds left and the Bills went up, literally the stadium just went vacant.

I mean, people were fleeing,” Henwood said. “Arrowhead is incredibly loud, as loud as it always has been. Also, the quietest I’ve ever heard Arrowhead was when there was 13 seconds left and the Bills went up.” According to the proprietor of Designer’s Home Gallery, his supplier extended an invitation to attend the game versus Buffalo and gave him seats that were located rather close to one of the end zones.

According to Henwood, “being a part of something extraordinary gives out an electric charge. You’re simply surrounded by everyone, and everyone is high-fiving one other.” When it comes to tailgating alongside those supporters, Henwood noted that an hour or two before kickoff is just not enough time since parking swallows up the majority of that time.

“You don’t even know these folks, yet your best friends are in red.” It’s just a fantastic setting, Henwood said. “I mean, just the scent. There are so many people grilling and cooking out. Then, just all the tailgating.” Those who are interested in seeing Kansas City’s next game on television can tune in to KWCH 12 on Sunday for the American Football Conference Championship game.

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How many people are at the Chiefs game?

Attendance at Kansas City Chiefs home games during the regular season, on average, from 2008 through 2021 –

Characteristic Average attendance
2021 73,227
2020* 13,153
2019 73,465
2018 75,972
2017 74,106
2016 73,328
2015 74,086
2014 74,967
2013 75,359
2012 68,508
2011 72,082
2010 67,672
2009 67,514
2008 74,077

Source Date of publication: February 2022 Additional information Survey time period: 2008 to 2021 Supplementary comments *All of the team’s games during the 2020 regular season were played either with a limited audience or behind closed doors as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

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How many people are at the Bills and Chiefs game?

Sunday’s incredible victory by the Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills, 42-36, drew a total of 73,242 fans to Arrowhead Stadium. In ten years, we anticipate that 173,242 individuals will be able to declare that they attended the game and that they were there.

Even if they were just watching on TV, a good number of individuals are likely to claim that they were present at the event. The Chiefs’ experience in the playoffs with quarterback Patrick Mahomes includes some exciting contests, but the victory on Sunday may have been the most exciting of them all. Following the triumph, some of the players voiced their opinions on various social media platforms.

This is a more in-depth look at it. Safety Armani Watts tweeted this: We was just in a real life movie tho — Armani Watts (KCP) (@ArmaniWatts23) January 24, 2022 Mahomes tweeted this and shared it to Instagram: Defensive tackle Khalen Saunders wondered if Mahomes is indeed human: At this point Pat can’t be a real person, this man is a comic book super hero.

I have no doubt that there are other people named Patrick Mahomes existing in alternate realities. They may base a Spider-Man movie on this mysterious figure. mf. Guard Kyle Long retweeted former NASCAR star Clint Bowyer, who responded in a quite animated manner to the message. — Sir Bink Wilfork-Saunders (@khalenNOTkaylen) January 24, 2022 Chris Jones, a defensive lineman, had some words for the city of Kansas City.

Safety Juan Thornhill chose to take a straightforward approach. This article was first published at 11:32 AM on January 24, 2022 and was posted on Instagram by Rookie Center Creed Humphrey. Rookie Lineman Trey Smith was in a thankful mood. Since beginning his career at The Star in 1997, Pete has covered a wide range of events, including the World Series, the World Cup, and everything in between. How Many Fans At Kansas City Game

How loud was Arrowhead Stadium last night?

The noise level at Arrowhead Stadium reached 137.5 decibels during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 6 game against the Oakland Raiders, which resulted in the stadium setting a new Guiness world record for the loudest outdoor open air stadium. Chiefs Highlights Your video will be accessible to you very soon.

How many fans will be in attendance at a Chiefs game?

Fans of the Buffalo Bills celebrate their team’s victory against the Indianapolis Colts during the first half of a wild-card playoff game for the National Football League on January 9, 2021, in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes/Associated Press) AP Kansas City, Missouri — There are expected to be around 17,000 people present on Sunday night at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs in an NFL game.

And you won’t believe the number of people that support the Bills who are going to show up. When the stadium is at its maximum capacity for a regular Chiefs game, the opposing team brings in around 4,000 people on average. On Sunday, a reporter for the Bills named Thad Brown tweeted that he had been informed by a reporter for the Chiefs that around that amount of people are anticipated to be present today.

This is a significant increase in the ratio of Bills Mafia members as well as an increased number of voices that will be heard once the game gets underway. Because most teams haven’t competed in front of this many supporters since the previous season, monitoring the crowd volume will be an intriguing experience.

  • A statement made by Bills quarterback Josh Allen earlier this week indicated that “it’s obviously going to be an adjustment when we get there.” I’ve never played in Arrowhead but everyone tells me the fans are right on top of you and it will get extremely loud with 17,000 people.
  • They’re an extremely energetic fan base, and when they get things rolling it gets super loud in there.

“Until you’re in that moment you’re not sure what to expect.” It’ll certainly help to have some friendly fans in the crowd. Brown also said that certain tickets are selling on the secondary market for as much as $2,200 per ticket in order to attend the game today.

The game will begin at 6:40 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on CBS. READ MORE Bills vs. Chiefs: Buffalo’s 5 most essential players vs. KC in the AFC title game Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills: Preview, odds, and predictions for the AFC Championship game Can the Bills shock the Chiefs and the world in the AFC Championship game? (5 things to watch) Bills fans take over Kansas City airport singing “Shout” (Watch) Talk about the Bills Be sure to check out and listen to “Shout! The Buffalo Football Podcast” with beat reporters Matt Parrino and Ryan Talbot.

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Is allowing fans at Kansas City Chiefs’games a success?

How Many Fans At Kansas City Game Rex Archer possessed a healthy amount of skepticism on the likelihood of people attending football games despite the outbreak. And in retrospect, the director of health services for the city of Kansas City recoils in horror at the idea of COVID-19 being present in the overcrowded and understaffed toilets of high school stadiums.

But according to him, the decision to only let a certain number of supporters inside Kansas City Chiefs games has been a resoundingly successful one. In fact, advance testing of those headed to Arrowhead Stadium’s indoor suites prevented an average of four to a dozen or more COVID-positive fans from even attending.

Archer told me, “There’s actually no question that it’s been successful.” “We’ve not actually had any cases traced to exposure at the games.” “I’m particularly pleased with how this has gone.” In point of fact, the National Football League has adopted the thorough preparation and coordination that the squad had with Archer throughout the previous summer as something of a model.

  1. They kind of looked at our approach.
  2. I had some meetings with NFL leadership,” he recalls.
  3. It kind of became the norm for those NFL venues that were going to be allowed to accept people at all.” In the beginning, Archer advised against going to the games, which is something that The Star Editorial Board also suggested and continues to support.

However, Archer does have a sneaking suspicion that there is one unanticipated and positive outcome of allowing fans in: They could otherwise have watched the games in a bar, restaurant, or home-based gathering — all of which are indoor places that are far more favorable to the spread of viruses.

According to him, this may have helped curb the disease’s spread across the population. Archer gives appreciation to the entire Chiefs organization for its willingness to cooperate and response to each of his suggestions regarding safety. There has never been any resistance to this. “When you have a solid, quality organization, it makes everything a lot simpler,” Archer says.

“The reason the Chiefs succeed isn’t only because of their outstanding players and coaches.” However, they possess a robust organization on each and every level. Vaccinations may be an additional advantage for the Kansas City Royals. The city health director is confident that the learning experience with the Kansas City Chiefs, which began with a couple of small test crowds late last summer before the season began, will inform any consultation he has with the Kansas City Royals in advance of their season.

How many fans will be at the AFC Championship Game?

The Buffalo Bills invited 6,700 of their closest friends and family members to attend the first two weeks of the postseason for the National Football League at Bills Stadium. It was the first time that any spectators had the opportunity to watch football play there during the 2020 season all year long.

  • During the AFC Championship Game, Buffalo will go back to its previous policy of not allowing anyone to enter the stadium.
  • This is due to the fact that their next game will take place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, versus the Chiefs.
  • The Bills need to get themselves into the mindset of playing an away game in the classic sense, complete with loud sounds and crowd support, in order to win that game.

After having firsthand experience with the effects that a crowd of 6,700 fans can have on an opponent, the Bills will need to ensure that they are adequately prepared to face an even larger audience that will predominantly be rooting for the opposing club.

The next fight for the AFC championship is expected to draw between 16,000 and 17,000 spectators in total. The fact that there will be over twice as many people permitted to attend the game as there were at Orchard Park is already a significant departure from the situation that existed there. The Chiefs were one of the NFL clubs that, for the most of the 2020 season, did not prohibit supporters from attending games.

Inside the stadium, everyone will be obliged to wear face masks. However, everything changes as you go outside of it. Not only will supporters be permitted to tailgate, but Kansas City will also “recommend” that spectators wear masks in the parking lot.

  1. In contrast to Bills supporters, who were had to undergo COVID-19 testing in order to attend recent games, Chiefs fans do not have to go through this step as part of their COVID safety measures.
  2. Additionally, tickets for seats in the top deck will be put up for sale.
  3. The Buffalo Sabres restricted fan access to their sitting sections and did not even allow them to be used.

Even though testing is not a part of the equation, the Chiefs recommend that fans who are experiencing any symptoms that are similar to COVID stay away from the game. The Chiefs do not prohibit their fans from reselling their tickets to other Chiefs fans in order to facilitate this.

Are fans allowed on the second floor of KC live?

On Sunday, there was a significant crowd present at the KC Live! event. location in the Power & Light District to witness the American Football Conference Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals. [email protected] On Sunday, the Power & Light District in Kansas City was once again overtaken by a sea of red as supporters roared on the Chiefs as they scored their first two touchdowns of the game.

  • C Live!, the downtown entertainment district, remained a popular site to watch the Chiefs compete for what may lead to the Chiefs taking control of the Lamar Hunt Trophy for the third year in a row.
  • It was a rematch between the Chiefs and the Bengals, who had previously defeated the Chiefs in a game on January 2 by a score of 34-31 to win the AFC North division championship.

The year before, there were no fans at KC Live! At the Super Bowl viewing event, guests were permitted to enter the deck’s second story. In 2021, in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the main floor tables were moved to other locations. This time around, things were very different on the scene.

  • Inside of KC Live!, fans were crammed together as tightly as possible. by 2 p.m.
  • The beginning of the American Football Conference Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • Most were maskless.
  • When quarterback Patrick Mahomes completed a touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyreek Hill with less than eight minutes remaining in the first quarter, the fans at Power & Light Arena erupted in applause and flung their fists in the air.

Hill’s score was the first touchdown of the game. Among the many who were crammed inside KC Live! were Tim and Angie Righi, who had driven all the way from Blue Springs with their daughter, who was attending college, in order to “soak up” the mood created by the throng.

According to him, that was the most exhilarating sensation you could get outside of a stadium. After the first quarter, the pair was certain that the Chiefs would go on to win the game after their strong start. Angie Righi, who is 55 years old, has remarked, “We enjoy being here.” In the first minute and a half of the second quarter, Mahomes completed a touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce, increasing the score to 13-2.

The roar of the crowd could be heard throughout downtown Kansas City as football fans from all over the metropolitan area rooted for their favorite team to make it to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row. When a notification appeared on the KC Live! supporters were instructed on the screen to “get loud,” and many of them complied by banging their palms against the fence on the top level.

Brian Barlow, who is now 30 years old and had resided in Trenton, New Jersey, just relocated to Topeka. Because he had heard that Power & Light was the place to be in downtown Kansas City on a Sunday, he decided to make the one-hour journey there. Together with his partner, he desired to get a sense of “the atmosphere” that was prevalent among the sea of red jerseys and caps.

Barlow, a new Chiefs fan, thought that there were a thousand people at the event area, where music was blasting from the bars inside. Barlow was at the venue for the first time. Barlow could be heard saying, “I thought I was in the stadium, guy,” above the cheers.

The third touchdown was scored with five minutes left in the second quarter, and it was thrown by Mahomes to wide receiver Mecole Hardman. This was Mahomes’ third touchdown pass of the game. A few minutes later, when the Chiefs marched down the field in the second quarter, fans flung their hands into the air, causing several of them to spill their drinks in the process.

The gathering was alive with excitement and enthusiasm as the speaker continued. High-fives and fist pumps were exchanged amongst total strangers from all around the region as they rejoiced as if they were at a massive family gathering. An announcer yelled out the words “Let’s hear it for the Kansas City Chiefs!” with less than a minute remaining in the second quarter of the game.

We only need 13 seconds!” Despite the fact that the Chiefs were unable to score a fourth touchdown in the last five seconds of the first half, the Chiefs maintained their lead of 21-10 going into the second half. When asked if they wanted to add anything else, several fans shouted, “Yeah. Go Chiefs!” when asked if they wanted to add anything else.

Gerardo Ortiz, 21, of Kansas City, described Power & Light as a great experience and a place where fans can gather and meet “new friends.” He was thrilled at the Chiefs’ season, saying that they had been playing really well and adding, “this season has been crazy.” “Sports,” Mayor Quinton Lucas tweeted at the same time when Chiefs supporters appeared to let out a collective tense exhale.