How Many Points Is Kansas City Favored By?

How Many Points Is Kansas City Favored By
In this particular scenario, Kansas City has a 7.5-point advantage over their opponent, which is denoted by the symbol ‘-7.5.’ If the Chiefs win the game by a score of 30-21, the bet on the Chiefs (-7.5) will be successful, and the bettor will receive a total payment of $19.09 on a $10 wager (making a profit of $9.09).

Who is favored to win the Kansas City Chiefs game?

How Many Points Is Kansas City Favored By The first game of NFL Week 2 is scheduled to take place on Thursday Night Football, and it will feature a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. According to the odds provided by Tipico Sportsbook, the Chiefs are a 3.5-point favorite.

  • The moneyline for the game, which will take place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and has Kansas City as a -190 favorite, reads as follows: They have a +160 point advantage.
  • The total number of points scored in the game might go beyond or under 54.5.
  • NFL Week 2 odds: Chargers against.
  • Chiefs | Dolphins vs.

Ravens | Jets vs. Browns The Commanders take on the Lions, the Colts take on the Jaguars, and the Buccaneers take on the Saints. The Panthers take on the Giants, the Patriots take on the Steelers, and the Falcons take on the Rams. Seahawks against.49ers | Bengals vs.

  • Cowboys | Titans vs.
  • Bills The Cardinals take on the Raiders, the Bears take on the Packers, and the Texans take on the Broncos.
  • Spreads, lines, and point totals for the Super Bowl matchup between the Vikings and the Eagles The Chiefs won their first game of the season, a match against the Arizona Cardinals, with a score of 44-21.

In Week 1, the Chargers prevailed against the Las Vegas Raiders by a score of 24-19. More information, including the game’s schedule and television broadcast, may be found here. Where and how to look NFL Week 2 game The clubs played each other twice during the previous season, with the Chargers coming out on top at Kansas City in Week 3 with a 30-24 victory.

  • Ansas City triumphed in Los Angeles in Week 15 in overtime, 34-28.
  • Expert selections and predictions for NFL Week 2: The Chargers take on the Chiefs, the Dolphins take on the Ravens, and the Jets take on the Browns.
  • The Commanders take on the Lions, the Colts take on the Jaguars, and the Buccaneers take on the Saints.

The Panthers take on the Giants, the Patriots take on the Steelers, and the Falcons take on the Rams. The Seahawks take on the 49ers, the Bengals take on the Cowboys, and the Titans take on the Bills. The Cardinals take on the Raiders, the Bears take on the Packers, and the Texans take on the Broncos.

  1. Predictions for the second week of the NFL season, featuring the Vikings and the Eagles.
  2. On Thursday, the NFL Week 2 game will begin at 5:15 p.m.
  3. Mountain Standard Time (MST), and it will be available to watch on Amazon Prime.
  4. Additional details about the NFL Week 2 schedule and broadcast coverage: How to watch the NFL games for week 2 Gannett may be eligible to get compensation from Tipico for referring customers to various betting services.

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Who won between the Chargers and the Chiefs?

An early clash in the AFC West was won by the Chiefs, 27-24, against the Chargers. In a matchup between the Chiefs and the Chargers, two of the best teams in the league led by two of the game’s bright young quarterbacks, an unheralded seventh-round draft pick who just a few years ago was working alongside his mother in a Wendy’s restaurant will be taking the field for the Chargers.

Who won chargers or Kansas?

On Thursday night, the Kansas City Chiefs completed an incredible comeback to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 27-24. This victory was made possible by a dogged effort by the defensive unit, which refused to let multiple double-digit deficits stand in the way of a significant early-season win for the Chiefs.

Ansas City, which came back to tie the game halfway through the second half, racked up eight quarterback hits and two sacks while pressuring Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert on 18 of his dropbacks during the game, consistently swarming and harassing Los Angeles’ Pro Bowl signal caller. Kansas City also climbed back to tie the game in the middle of the second half.

However, the secondary was the one who was ultimately accountable for what might be considered the play of the game. Early in the fourth quarter, the score was knotted at 17 points apiece, but the Chargers had a first down at the 3-yard line of the Kansas City Chiefs.

This put them in position to retake the lead and win the game. After the Chargers had marched 57 yards in eight plays and had stolen back momentum from the Chiefs – who had tied the game with a field goal one possession earlier – everything abruptly shifted on the very next snap. Los Angeles had just taken back the momentum that the Chiefs had gained.

Herbert’s first-down pass was intercepted by rookie cornerback Jaylen Watson rather than his intended target, resulting in a 99-yard pick-six that contributed to a 14-point swing in the game’s score. Watson had previously been selected in the seventh round of the draft.

  • After the game, Watson remarked that the ball had “simply wound up in my chest” and that he had brought it home with him.
  • It felt almost like being in a dream.
  • I can’t even begin to express how thankful and happy I am to be in this position.
  • When I got into the end zone, I was so confused that I didn’t even know what to do; as a result, everyone saw me simply standing there.
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It’s a moment in time that I’ll never be able to forget.” As a result of Watson’s efforts, he became the first player since 2017 to score an interception return for a touchdown of at least 99 yards during the fourth quarter of a game. After Watson’s run to the end zone, the Chiefs never looked back, as they went on to win the game.

Even though the Chargers scored a touchdown in the dying minutes of the game, the Chiefs’ late lead was too great for Los Angeles to overcome, and they went on to win the game. Kansas City added a field goal two possessions later. “Overall, a really satisfying victory. Whatever the case may be, we consider it important to have a very tight relationship with these football players, and they have a really good team.

I am relieved to report that we managed to come out on top, “said Head Coach Andy Reid. “The crowd was incredible, and they just kept getting better and better as the night went on. To me, it seemed like our defensive unit just kept getting better and better, particularly in the second half of the game.

The fact that we all stayed together and didn’t criticize one another is perhaps the achievement of which I am the most proud.” In point of fact, the Chiefs were able to keep their composure throughout the difficult first half, particularly on offense. The Chiefs were forced to punt on four of their first five drives by the Chargers.

The one exception to this rule was a 75-yard scoring drive that culminated in an outstanding 9-yard touchdown connection between quarterback Patrick Mahomes and running back Jerick McKinnon. Even though it was a spectacular play, it was the only one that resulted in points for the Chiefs during the first half of the game.

  1. The play began with Mahomes scrambling to his right and eluding three defenders before zipping a sidearm pass over his body.
  2. It was fortunate for the Chiefs that their defense limited Los Angeles to only 10 points in the first half, which kept the Chargers from getting a significant lead on the scoreboard.

In point of fact, after scoring on each of its first two drives to start the game, Los Angeles went on to collect a total of three first downs over the remaining time in the first half. Mahomes credited the defense with keeping the Chiefs in the game.

“I can’t even begin to express how pleased I am of those young defenders, dude. You just don’t know until you get into these circumstances, and in games when the offense performed like it did today – because we didn’t play our best football – a lot of the time, we’d end up losing those games. You just don’t know until you get into these situations.

It is a really significant step in the right direction, in my opinion, that the defense has decided to keep us around.” Although the Chargers scored a touchdown on their first drive of the second half, which was the result of a 75-yard, 11-play drive that ended with quarterback Justin Herbert throwing a touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Williams from 15 yards out, the Chargers’ offense struggled to produce points for the rest of the game.

  • The following five drives that Los Angeles had were held scoreless by Kansas City, who were able to do this by forcing four punts and getting an interception from Watson.
  • The offensive unit overcame the difficulties it had in the first half of the game and scored a touchdown on the very first drive of the third quarter.

When the Chiefs were behind 17-7 and faced with a lengthy third down, quarterback Patrick Mahomes bought some time in the pocket and then sent a bomb deep downfield to wide receiver Justin Watson. Watson caught the pass for a score that covered 41 yards.

  • Given that Watson had only just recently cycled in for wide receiver Mecole Hardman, who had been hurt a few snaps earlier, the play was especially noteworthy considering how soon Watson had replaced Hardman.
  • That was the path I wanted to take.
  • I hope that one of our receivers is never injured, but if they are forced to leave the field for any reason, I want them to know that they can count on me to make up for their absence and finish the play “Watson stated.

“Making the catch required a significant amount of effort on the part of Texas and Patrick throughout the offseason. I’m really happy to see the results of all of our hard work.” The last two drives for the Chargers both resulted in three-and-outs, the latter of which included a sack of Herbert by defensive lineman Chris Jones at the Chargers’ 2-yard line.

  1. The Chargers lost both of these drives.
  2. Jones finished the game with two quarterback sacks, including this one.
  3. This defensive stop shortened the field for the next offensive possession that the Chiefs would have, giving newly-signed kicker Matt Ammendola – who was subbing for the injured Harrison Butker – the opportunity to kick a game-tying field goal from 19 yards out a short while later.
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The Chiefs eventually tied the game and took the lead. The following drive for Los Angeles appeared to be the perfect opportunity to respond, but Watson intercepted Herbert on the goal line, and the rest of the game was history. It wasn’t always pretty, but the collective desire on both sides of the ball to just keep battling paid off in a huge way.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t always attractive. According to safety Justin Reid, “the best thing that we accomplished today is we stuck together as a team,” which was the finest thing that the team did. “Nobody tried to get one over on the other. We remained a unit throughout. We proceeded to play the following play.

When it mattered most, guys came through with clutch performances.” Mahomes concluded the game with 24 completions, 235 passing yards, and two touchdown passes. He also moved past previous quarterback Alex Smith to become the player with the third-most passing completions (1,604) in the history of the organization.

Only Len Dawson (2,115) and Trent Green (1,720) collected more points than the rest of the field combined. Travis Kelce, a tight end, was his favorite target of the evening. Kelce brought in five receptions for a total of 51 yards. His 717 career catches place him sixth all-time among tight ends in NFL history in terms of receptions.

As a result of the victory, Kansas City improved their record against teams from the AFC West to 42-13 since 2013, making them the club with the best record against opponents from their own division in the NFL during that amount of time. Mahomes’ record as a starter in divisional games stands at an impressive 22-3 at this point.

  • In addition, this victory was the Chiefs’ 28th victory since the start of 2018 despite the fact that they were down at some time in the game.
  • In spite of having trailed in the third-fewest games of any team during that era (43) they have the more wins in the NFL in this category than any other club.
  • Even though it’s still early in the season, Thursday’s victory demonstrated that the six-time defending AFC West champions are eager to show that the AFC still runs through Kansas City.

The Chiefs have become synonymous with comeback victories during Mahomes’ tenure as quarterback, and even though it’s still early in the season, the win demonstrated that the Chiefs have become synonymous with comeback victories. Justin Reid stated, “We know that we have a target on our back, and we know that we’re going to get every team’s best shot.” “We know that we have a target on our back.” “We are going to get ourselves prepared for it.

  1. It seems like we’re going to have to go out there and put up a show.
  2. Credit to the offense, defense and special teams.
  3. Everyone showed up, and we were able to pull off what we needed to in order to secure the victory.” When it came to injuries, defensive end Mike Danna left the game with a calf injury late in the fourth quarter.

He was one of the players that left the game. The Chiefs will now have the chance to take advantage of a little bit of an extended rest before leaving for Indianapolis to play the Colts on September 25.

Did Chargers quarterback get hurt?

KANSAS CITY — According to the coach of the Chargers, Brandon Staley, the results of tests performed on quarterback Justin Herbert on Friday revealed merely damaged rib cartilage. This is excellent news for the Chargers. Staley described Herbert as being in “day to day” condition and mentioned that the injury is better than if Herbert had cracked his ribs.

“I believe we’ll know a lot more about practice and everything like that on Wednesday,” Staley said. “I think we’ll know a lot more about practice and stuff like that.” After sustaining an injury on Thursday during the Chargers’ loss to the Chiefs by a score of 27-24, Herbert was not made accessible to the media.

This weekend, the crew will devote their time to tracking Herbert’s development. Staley refused to comment on whether or not Herbert would be available for the Chargers’ next game, which will be played at home on September 25 against Jacksonville. But he seemed upbeat about the prognosis, saying things like “we got encouraging news,” and he stated that the ultimate choice will come down to whether or not Herbert is comfortable enough to play.

After being taken down by a hit from Chiefs defensive end Mike Danna with approximately five minutes left to play, the Pro Bowl quarterback stayed on the ground. The injury occurred while Herbert was attempting to complete a pass to tight end Gerald Everett for a gain of 12 yards when it occurred. Chase Daniel came in for the one play that Herbert was out for, and Sony Michel ran for four yards after receiving the handoff from Daniel.

Herbert came back and continued to participate in the game while clearly being in a lot of agony. According to Staley, the determination to do so was made by Herbert and the medical staff of the squad. Staley remarked that the team had “complete faith” in one another.

“He’s going to spill the beans to me. He is going to demonstrate to me, and the medical professionals are going to explain to me whether or not this is anything that ought to take place. However, as you all witnessed for yourselves, he is as tough as they come and shown a great deal of fight. I’m really happy of how he fought and how he gave us a real opportunity to win the game right at the finish.” With just over a minute left in the game, Herbert led the Chargers on a touchdown drive that consisted of nine plays and 73 yards of offense, which narrowed their deficit to three points.

During the series, he was successful in completing both of his fourth-down attempts, the first of which was a touchdown ball to Joshua Palmer that covered seven yards. The extent of Herbert’s physical battle became most apparent not long after he was injured and, despite the fact that he appeared to have space to scramble for a first down, he cautiously tossed the ball away instead.

  • It’s football, and you’re going to have some times when you’re feeling like that,” Staley said.
  • You’re going to have some moments where you’re feeling like that.” “That is not something that is only applicable to the position of quarterback.
  • Yes, you can find me in the wild.
  • There is no one who is more concerned about Justin than either myself or our team is.
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You are aware that this is a normal feature of the game. It’s not an easy game at all. We are going to proceed in this manner as long as he believes that he is able to move forward at this particular time. I believe that he did a fantastic job of keeping harm away from himself.

  • I believe that what you observed was exactly that.
  • He is a very astute player overall.
  • He has decided not to put himself in harm’s way.
  • At that very moment, he is not going to take any more hits than are absolutely necessary.
  • That is what he did all through the night.” In other injury news, Staley stated that Pro Bowl center Corey Linsley “should be ready to practice at some point next week” after he was sidelined for the second half with an injury to the knee and quadriceps region.

Linsley was forced to leave the game because of the injury. According to Staley, Linsley was administered an injection. After leaving the game with what Staley described as a foot injury in the third quarter, right tackle Trey Pipkins III is also being evaluated on a day-to-day basis at this time.

Who won last night’s Football game between the Chiefs and the Chargers?

On Thursday Night Football, between the Chargers and the Chiefs, there were both winners and losers. Patriots J.C. Jackson of the Los Angeles Chargers fails to bring down a ball that is thrown by Justin Watson of the Kansas City Chiefs, who then goes on to score a touchdown.

Images obtained from Getty On Thursday night, both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers came through with the goods. Los Angeles was defeated by Kansas City by a score of 27-24 in a game that featured a lot of back-and-forth action. Kansas City overcame a 10-point deficit in the third quarter.

As was to be expected, Patrick Mahomes (two touchdown passes) and Justin Herbert (three touchdown passes) led the way for their respective teams. In order to avoid revealing too much more than necessary, let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers from Thursday Night Football:

How many times have the Chiefs beat the Chargers?

The competition between the Chargers and the Chiefs

All-time series Chiefs, 66–58–1
Postseason results Chargers, 1–0 January 2, 1993: Chargers 17, Chiefs 0
Largest victory Chargers, 31–0 (2010); Chiefs, 49–6 (1964)
Longest win streak Chargers, 6 (1979–81); Chiefs, 9 (2014–18)

What year did the Chargers beat Chiefs?

Chase Roullier of the Washington Commanders is reportedly in danger of needing knee surgery, which might terminate his season. According to a source who spoke to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Commanders center Chase Roullier sustained a knee injury that might be considered serious during the team’s loss against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. How Many Points Is Kansas City Favored By

Did the Chiefs get a sack against the Chargers?

Chris Jones, who plays defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, sacks quarterback Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers.

What’s the line on the bills Chiefs game?

Odds, Over/Under, Moneyline

Team Spread Moneyline
Bills +115
Chiefs -2.5 -135