How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In Kansas?

How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In Kansas
Tooltip for the data source on the average starting income. In the United States, the hourly wage for a substitute teacher is typically around $15.16 on average. Have you found the information on wages to be helpful?

How much do substitute teachers make a day in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, how much money does a substitute teacher make? – In the state of Kansas, the daily rate of pay for a substitute teacher is an average of $123.77 wages were recorded, and the most recent update was on September 7, 2022.

What degree do you need to be a substitute teacher in Kansas?

Education Requirements: In order to be eligible for an Initial Substitute License, you need to have graduated from an out-of-state or Kansas-approved teacher preparation school and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Your application must be accompanied by both official transcripts and verification from the licensing authority at your educational establishment.

What is a teacher’s salary in Kansas?

Earning a better degree will nearly always result in a greater financial reward in one’s chosen field of work. There are, of course, a great deal of additional elements at play, such as the number of years of experience, qualifications, areas of expertise, and geographical location.

  1. Other aspects to consider include how high of a need there is for specialists in a certain field, as well as the nature of the organization, whether it be public or private, and whether it be for profit or not.
  2. The teaching profession is characterized by each and every one of these characteristics.
  3. Even if the incomes of teachers have grown to be more comparable to those of other professions over the years, teaching is not considered to be a particularly profitable vocation.

If you ask teachers why they selected their career, you won’t often hear them cite the income opportunities available to them. It is not usually a rise in compensation that serves as the driving motivator for educators to go the additional mile and acquire a graduate degree.

Those who are just concerned with monetary considerations can get a solid idea of the financial benefits of earning a master’s degree by comparing the amount of money it takes to get the degree to the amount of money one can expect to earn more over the course of their career. In the majority of instances, you will discover that the investment was well worth it.

You will ultimately come out ahead financially despite the initial investment. But you should also take into account the other advantages. You may become a better educator by participating in a well-designed master’s degree program, which can provide you with skills and knowledge that you would not otherwise have.

Additionally, educators who hold master’s degrees have a greater chance of assuming leadership roles within the educational system. Because of your position as a leader, you will have influence at the level of the school and potentially even the district. This will provide you the ability to bring about change and positively impact the kids’ overall educational experience.

As of January 2020, the annual compensation range for public school teachers in Kansas can range anywhere from $47,743 to $63,135, with the average wage falling somewhere in the middle. Figures are subject to change based on the location of the city as well as the other factors discussed above.

In 2016, the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) released a comprehensive study that compared the wages, education levels, and years of experience of Kansas teachers. One of their results was that Kansas teacher wages, although being lower than the average salary throughout the country, were in perfect alignment with the average pay of the states that border Kansas.

In the state of Kansas, a teacher who possessed a bachelor’s degree earned a base income of $38,120 per year on average in the year 2012. The average salary for instructors with a master’s degree was much higher than the national average, coming in at $47,940.

  1. It is very evident that Kansas does indeed pay instructors with advanced degrees a wage that is noticeably greater than that paid to teachers with only a bachelor’s degree.
  2. In the state of Kansas, as is the case in the majority of other states, the salaries of teachers who work in more populous cities are greater than the salaries of teachers who work in more rural areas.
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This chart presents the lowest level of the base salary scale for teachers with a bachelor’s degree and teachers with a master’s degree and various years of experience in the cities of Emporia, Topeka, Kansas City, and Wichita. These educators must also have at least five years of teaching experience (cities listed in increasing order of population size).

City Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree Years’ Experience
Emporia $40,000 – $41,000 $44,200 – $45,400 0-2
$41,500 – $42,500 $46,000 – $47,200 3-5
$43,000 – $44,000 $47,800 – $49,000 6-8
$44,500 – $45,500 $49,600 – $50,800 9-11
Topeka $43,500 – $44,500 $48,900 – $49,900 0-2
$45,000 – $46,000 $50,400 – $51,400 3-5
$46,500 – $47,500 $51,900 – $52,900 6-8
$48,000 – $48,500 $53,400 – $54,400 9-11
Kansas City $42,660 – $43,087 $47,797 – $48,275 0-2
$43,517 – $44,392 $48,758 – $49,738 3-5
$44,836 – $45,737 $50,235 – $51,245 6-8
$46,195 – $47,123 $51,758 – $52,797 9-11
Wichita $43,654 – $45,751 $46,375 – $49,146 0-2
$46,800 – $48,898 $50,531 – $53,302 3-5
$49,947 – $50,996 $54,688 – $57,459 6-8
$58,844 – $61,615 9-11

There are several programs available for education professionals who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in education. An online master’s degree program provides the most adaptable schedule for students who intend to maintain full-time employment while pursuing their degree.

Emporia State University, located in Kansas, provides teachers with the opportunity to advance their careers by enrolling in master’s degree programs that may be completed entirely online. This allows teachers to move up in pay scales. Those individuals who are interested in obtaining their master’s degree in the shortest amount of time possible can complete any one of these programs in as little as one year.

Available programs include: Educators with a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Curriculum Leadership Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction for Students in Grades Pre-K through 12 — Effective Practitioner PreK-12 Instructional Coach/Teacher Leader Candidate for the Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction Degree Program PreK-12 Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction) PreK-12 Find out more about the online degree programs in education that are offered by Emporia State University.

How much does a substitute teacher make in the Olathe School District?

There are several advantages to working as a replacement, including: – The hourly rate for full days is $133.00, and the daily rate for long-term work is $160.00.60 college credits can obtain you an emergency substitute license. The schedules of college students are easily accommodated by substitute teachers.

This is an excellent opportunity for parents who have children enrolled in schools in the Olathe area. It is possible for registered nurses who work as substitutes to also hold down other part-time nursing positions. Prize Patrol is a way that Olathe Public Schools recognizes and appreciates its substitute teachers.

Please see the list below for further details.

Is substitute teaching worth it?

How Much Do Substitute Teachers Make In Kansas People from many walks of life can find satisfaction and success in the profession of substitute teaching since it offers a wide variety of opportunities. As a substitute teacher, you will have the opportunity to interact with students, organize your own timetable, and participate in a wide variety of educational activities.

  • We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you should think about being a substitute teacher, and they are as follows: 1.
  • Have complete control over your time with one of the occupations that offers the most flexibility currently available.
  • How many other occupations give you the freedom to choose exactly how often you want to put in your hours? You get to pick and choose the days you work when you’re a replacement.
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Because of this, it is an appealing employment choice for a diverse range of people, including college students who require work that they can fit around their class schedules, stay-at-home parents who would like to work while their children are in school, and retirees who may be looking to supplement their income while maintaining a flexible lifestyle.

In addition to the freedom to set their own schedules, substitute teachers also have the option of selecting the classroom(s), grade level(s), and subject(s) for which they will fill in. Alternatively, they can sample a little bit of everything. It is impossible to become trapped in a position that is not a good fit for you.2.

Increase your chances of obtaining a teaching position that requires you to work full-time. Experience is vital in the world of education. There is no alternative for it. It just so happens that taking on the role of a substitute teacher is a great way to get the vital classroom experience that administrators and superintendents look for when making hiring decisions.

In addition to this, you’ll get the opportunity to demonstrate your teaching abilities and network with administrators and other teachers in the district, both of which are important steps in the hiring process. Principals are far more inclined to recruit someone they are already familiar with and have some level of trust for.3.

Acquire a broad range of abilities that are easily adaptable to other situations It’s possible that your long-term job aspirations have nothing to do with schooling at all. Substitute teaching will fill your toolbox with some really useful skills that are transferrable to nearly any professional route – and life in general – making it a worthwhile endeavor regardless of the job path you ultimately decide to pursue.

To mention just a few benefits, working as a substitute will teach you how to think quickly on your feet, improve your ability to solve problems, and give you more experience with public speaking. (Also see: 10 Skills That Are Transferable From One Teaching Position to Another) 4. Incorporate a wide range of new experiences into your daily routine.

When you are constantly exposed to new and interesting people, places, and circumstances in the course of your work, it is difficult to refer to what you do as “the daily grind.” You will be exposed to a wide variety of original and creative people, including staff members, fellow instructors, and students, all of whom can teach you something new.

It is common for people to be surprised when they find out that the age group they enjoy working with the most is not the one they had in mind when they first started looking for a teaching niche, so substituting for a wide variety of grade levels and topics can help you zero in on your ideal teaching niche.5.

Working conditions in educational institutions are consistently hilarious. It’s common knowledge that offices are dull and claustrophobic places to work. It’s quite unlikely that you’ll ever have that perspective on working in a school again! The educational system is teeming with vivacity, inventiveness, optimism, and the youthful energy of young people.

Your own young view on life can be rekindled (or maintained) via teaching and participating with children in a variety of activities. Not to mention the fact that children are quite amusing, and you will undoubtedly return home with some humorous anecdotes that you can share with your loved ones and friends.6.

Become the most well-liked student in your school. There is a VERY STRONG need for qualified instructors who can fill in as substitutes. If you earn a reputation for being an excellent substitute teacher, you will rapidly become in high demand by both the administration and the instructors at the school.

  1. They are all hoping that you will be the one to take over their classes while they are gone.
  2. In addition to this, particularly if you teach pupils at the primary level, they will literally bow down to you and adore the ground that you walk on.
  3. You may get a feel for what it’s like to be a celebrity on the red carpet by just walking through the corridors.
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A great confidence booster might be receiving a deluge of praises (not to mention those adorable misspelled construction paper cards and drawings)! 7. The days at work seem to fly by in an unbelievable flash. You won’t believe how quickly time passes when you’re constantly switching courses or classes and staying occupied with a wide variety of activities all day long.

  1. Before you know it, the bell for dismissal will ring, and you will be free to go about your day as you like.
  2. In addition, as a replacement, you won’t have any work to take home with you (unless you’re hired for a long-term position), so you can relax and enjoy the remainder of your day.8.
  3. Obtain a perspective on the educational system from those working inside it Working in schools provides you with an insider’s perspective into how schools function, but the many people who have thoughts and viewpoints on our educational system are not alone in their thinking.

If you broaden your viewpoint in this way, you may be in a better position to assist the children in your own life and connect to the experience that they have at school.9. Contribute to the betterment of your community. In our lowly view, substitute teachers are unsung heroes in the areas in which they work.

  1. Vacant positions are detrimental to the overall operation of a school.
  2. When there are jobs that remain unfilled, it is common for other instructors or even administrators to be required to sacrifice their crucial preparation time in order to provide piecemeal coverage for a class.
  3. As a result, pupils suffer.

The presence of substitute teachers ensures that every day is a productive learning day for all of the children.10. Contribute to the improvement of the lives of children To have a significant impact on the lives of your pupils, it is not necessary to work in education on a full-time basis.

What is the average pay for a substitute teacher in Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, the daily rate of pay for a substitute teacher is an average of $129.

How do I get my sub license in Kansas?

In order to submit an application for a license to practice as an Emergency Substitute in Kansas: Visit the website and navigate to the Licensure > Applications section. Once there, look for the Form 8 and click on it. You will then need to register online, fill out the form, and pay the application cost, which is presently $70.

What is the average pay for a substitute teacher in Missouri?

What is the average pay for a substitute teacher in the state of Missouri? It costs an average of $129 a day for a substitute teacher to earn their living in the state of Missouri.457 wages were recorded, with the most recent data being on September 12, 2022

How much do subs make a day in Tennessee?

Tooltip for the data source on the average starting income. In Tennessee, the daily rate of pay for a substitute teacher is typically around $81.13 on average.100 salaries were recorded, with the most recent update being on September 13, 2022. Is this of any use?

How much does a substitute teacher make per day in Texas?

The average daily wage for a substitute teacher in the state of Texas is around $85 dollars. It’s far over $110 per day in certain areas of the city.