How Much Does An Llc Cost In Kansas?

How Much Does An Llc Cost In Kansas
How much does it cost to set up a limited liability company in the state of Kansas? When you submit your Articles of Organization with the Kansas Secretary of State, you will be charged $165. When you file your paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State online, it will cost you $30, but it will cost you $35 if you send in your paperwork.

How much does it cost to register a business name in Kansas?

Guidelines | Questions & Answers | Online Forms | Resources | Contact Information Regarding the Availability of Your Name It is often required by the laws that regulate commercial entities that the name of the entity be distinct from the names of other businesses that are conducting business in the state.

“distinguishable upon the record” or “deceptively similar” are two legal tests that states often use to decide which one to use when trying to establish whether or not a given name is eligible for use. The state of Kansas utilizes the requirement known as “distinguishable upon the record,” which stipulates that the entity’s name must be able to be differentiated from any other names of entities currently on record with the Secretary of State.

According to this guideline, in order for a proposed name to be accepted, it is sufficient for it to have either a minor variation in spelling or the inclusion of one additional letter or word, even if it seems or sounds very similar to an existing name.

  • When determining whether or not a given name is eligible for use, the Kansas Secretary of State refers to the following criteria: 1.
  • It is possible to tell the difference between the single and the plural version of a word.
  • Example: “Cat” and “Cats” 2.
  • Words that depict numbers are not the same as the numbers themselves (numbers).
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For example, the numbers “10” and “ten” 3. The following words, or any abbreviations thereof, are removed from the name before a search is conducted to determine whether or not the name is available. This applies regardless of where the terms appear in the name.

Association Chartered Church Club College Company Co Corporation Corp Foundation Fund Incorporated Inc Institute Limited Liability Company LLC Limited Company LC Limited Partnership LP Limited LTD Limited Liability Partnership LLP Professional Association PA PBC Registered Limited Liability Partnership RLLP Society SPBLLC Syndicate Union University

4. The prepositions, articles, and conjunctions listed below are removed before looking into the availability of the name, and this is done regardless of where the terms appear in the name: 5. The letter “a” will not be dropped from the name until it first occurs in the name as an article. Examples:

  • The company name is Like A Walk In The Park, LLC (“A” is eliminated)
  • The A and B Bakery Company, Inc. (“A” is not eliminated)

6. When submitting an application online, you are not allowed to include any of the following symbols in your name:

  • Caret ^
  • for a backslash
  • Tilde ~
  • Pipe or Vertical Bar |
  • Ellipsis
  • Horizontal bar
  • Underscore

7. The following characters will not be removed from the string, nor will they be changed to their word equivalents. Before looking for names that are still available, we filter out those that contain symbols, punctuation marks, or other special characters.8.

  • I M C
  • X V D

Exceptions The following are some of the situations in which the Secretary of State may, at their discretion, accept a name for filing:

  1. When an article, preposition, conjunction, or word of incorporation is not meant to be used but initials are used in the name that, when the punctuation between the initials is ignored, spell an article, preposition, conjunction, or word of incorporation
  2. When a letter of the alphabet that is supposed to represent a Roman number is used in a name, causing a collision with another name that uses the same character as a letter
  3. When a name consists of many different words, but the space(s) between those words are ignored, the name is considered to be the same as one that is already in use.
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According to the laws of the state of Kansas, the names of business organizations that have had their registrations revoked or cancelled must remain inaccessible for a period of one year. How do I register a name? Who among us needs to put a name on hold? What criteria should be used while looking for a name to determine whether or not it is available? How do I register a name? There is no system of name registration in place in the state of Kansas.

  1. A name may be booked if it is free to use for a period of 120 days and a charge of $30 that is non-refundable.
  2. During the 120-day period, no other entity will be able to use a name that has been reserved for the purpose of forming a business.
  3. Who among us needs to put a name on hold? There is no need to reserve a seat by name.

You may put a hold on a single name or many names by using something called a name reservation. This ensures that the name you want to use for your business will be accessible when you are ready to submit the paperwork necessary to start your company.

Where is it cheapest to form an LLC?

If we are only concerned with how much it costs to create an LLC, then we can say that Kentucky is the state with the lowest cost, at only $40 for each new LLC creation. To set up a limited liability company (LLC), however, there are additional expenditures beyond those associated with the incorporation itself.

How do I file a business name in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, registering your company with the state is required before you may register a business name. You have the option of forming a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, as well as filing for a “doing business as” name with the business division of your state.

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What are 3 disadvantages of an LLC?

The formation of a limited liability company (LLC) is not without its negatives, but the benefits often exceed the negative aspects of this business structure in the vast majority of instances. Formation and ongoing expenses of a limited liability company are often more expensive than those of a sole proprietorship or general partnership.

Each state levies a tax for the first creation of businesses. A significant number of states additionally levy reoccurring charges, such as yearly report and/or franchise tax payments. Check with the office of the Secretary of State in your state. Ownership that can be transferred. It is typically more difficult to transfer ownership of an LLC than it is of a corporation.

In the case of companies, ownership can be increased by the sale of shares of stock by the business. Individual shareholders also have the ability to sell their shares to other people, unless there is a shareholder agreement in place that states otherwise.