Missouri Pastor Goes Who Sermonized That?

Missouri Pastor Goes Who Sermonized That
A pastor in Missouri has been placed on leave after preaching that women should look their best for their husbands. Stewart- His church has stated that Allen Clark is “getting professional therapy” in response to the criticism that he received for the statements that he made. Please hand over this article.

Did a Missouri pastor apologize for ranting about not buying his congregation a watch?

– Information Obtained From HuffPost After a video of a pastor from Missouri yelling over his congregation not purchasing him a watch went viral, the pastor issued an apology for his behavior. Display complete articles without the option to “continue reading” for an extended period of time.

Did a pastor berate Congregation for not buying him a Movado watch?

Missouri Pastor Goes Who Sermonized That Missouri Pastor Goes Who Sermonized That It’s high time we found a new pastor! A pastor in Missouri was caught on tape berating his “broke” congregation for their failure to buy him an expensive Movado watch, which prompted allegations that he wants to make a profit, rather than be a prophet.

According to video that has since gone viral on TikTok, Pastor Carlton Funderburke of the Church at the Well in Kansas City was delivering an incendiary sermon about “honoring God’s shepherds” when he reprimanded his congregation for not being able to afford to give him the pricey timepiece he had requested.

Funderburke had asked for the watch. @kansascitydefender Kansas City Because the church didn’t give the pastor enough money to buy the new watch he’s been desiring, the pastor goes off on the congregation and calls them names like “poor, broke, busted, and disgusted.” It is pastors like these that give the church a poor name, which is one of the reasons why a large number of people in our generation left the church.

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What are some of y’thoughts? all’s original sound – kcdefender During his address on August 7, Funderburke remarked, “See that’s how I know you still poor, broke, broken, and disgusted because of how you’ve been honoring me.” Funderburke was referring to the manner in which the audience had been paying tribute to him.

“Do you really think I’m worth the price of a McDonald’s meal? Do you really think I’m worth the money you spent at Red Lobster? You don’t think I’m worth your St. John’s knit, do you? You can’t afford it in any way, shape, or form “As he continues, some churchgoers astonishingly reply with support.

  • The clip continues.
  • You don’t think I’m worth your Louis Vuitton, do you? I ain’t worth your Prada, are you serious? I don’t deserve your Gucci, do I?” Kansas City Because they did not provide the pastor with the costly watch he requested, Pastor Carlton Funderburke referred to his congregation as “broke.” TikTok / @kcdefender After some time had passed, Funderburke issued an apology and stated that the video in question “does not reflect my heart or my attitude for God’s people.” Congregational Church at the Wells Funderburke, who together with his wife established the church, then excoriates his congregation for failing to comprehend what “God is saying” on how to behave toward people who give his word.

Funderburke and his wife established the church. ‘ “Oh my goodness, Sam’s Club sells Movado watches, and as you well know, I put in a request for one about a year ago. And here we are all the way in the month of August, and I still don’t have it, “He claims that the price of the watch, which may range from around $300 to $3,000, is as follows: “Allow me to bust down the door so I can have a word with my scumbag sons and daughters.” Those who observed him referred to him as a “fake prophet” and said that he was using the word of God for his personal financial benefit.

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It’s the pastor lashing out at his church and accusing them of being broke because they didn’t buy him a watch!!! You had best watch out for those spreading bogus prophecies!! “a comment made by a woman on Twitter. An other critic suggested, “Anyone have any idea which passage in the gospels makes a reference to Movado watches sold at Sam’s Club? Asking for a buddy.” After some time had passed, Funderburke issued an apology, stating that the “video clip does not reflect my heart or my emotion for God’s people.” “Even though there is context behind the content of the clip, no context will suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words,” Funderburke says in a video that was uploaded to the church’s YouTube page.

“Even though there is context behind the content of the clip, no context will suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words.” I have also offered a private apology to our church, which has shown their love and support to me throughout this difficult time.