What Happened In Larned Kansas?

What Happened In Larned Kansas
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – On Sunday, January 9, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation provided further information on the killings that took place in Larned on Saturday, January 8. On Saturday, the bodies of three persons who had been shot and killed in their house were discovered.

They were recognized as being Shala M. Smith, age 44, Carver A. Smith, age 12, and Jon B. Smith, also age 44. According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the KBI, Jon Smith pulled up in a pickup truck just after 3 o’clock in the morning at the residence of Shala Smith, which is situated at 524 Park Street.

When Jon Smith walked inside the house, he was armed with a shotgun. According to the KBI, the evidence suggests that Jon Smith shot and murdered his divorced wife Shala Smith and Carver Smith, his 12-year-old son, before turning the gun on himself. Carver Smith was shot in the head.

What is the history of Larned Kansas?

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What happened in Larned?

“My office will only confirm the tragedy to the extent that on Saturday, January 8, 2022, an apparent domestic violence incident at a residence within the City of Larned resulted in the deaths of two adults and one minor child,” said Douglas McNett, the attorney for Pawnee County, in a press release.

What is Main Street in Larned Kansas known for?

What Happened In Larned Kansas What Happened In Larned Kansas The town of Larned, Kansas’s Main Street 2009. Larned was established as the county seat of Pawnee County and is located at the junction of the Pawnee and Arkansas Rivers. The town was founded on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. It was laid out in December 1873 on property that had been donated by Jerry Toles, John W.

  1. Adams, and Mary Adams.
  2. It got its name from the adjacent Fort Larned.
  3. The Larned Town Company elected John Adams to the presidency of the company.
  4. It wasn’t long before they were joined by his wife’s parents, Reverend and Mrs.
  5. Charles Sturdevant.
  6. In subsequent years, the pastor would go on to serve as one of the founding ministers of Larned’s Presbyterian Church.

Captain Henry Booth, who had worked as the postmaster at Fort Larned continuously since 1869, is credited with building the very first house in the town of Larned. When the town of Larned was established, he stepped down from his role as postmaster and, together with a number of other persons, played an important role in developing the new community.W.C.

Tompkinson was the pioneer who initiated the publication of the first newspaper, which was titled the Larned Press. The rise of the town was characterized by a number of additional additions throughout the course of the subsequent five years. In fewer than ten years, it was transformed into an incorporated city of the third class, home to around fifty different commercial enterprises.

Quite a few places of worship came into being, some of which include two Baptist Churches (one for African-Americans and one for whites), a Methodist Church, two Presbyterian groups, and other places of worship. Larned Kansas 1876 In the meantime, a number of additional newspapers were launched, such as the Larned Republican in 1876, which was published for approximately one year, and the Pawnee County Herald, which began publication in January 1877 and continued until November 1878, when it was merged with the Larned Optic.

  • Both of these newspapers were eventually absorbed by the Larned Optic.
  • In April of 1878, the Larned Press became a part of the Enterprise, which at the time was edited by Henry Inman, considered to be one of the most talented journalists in the state.
  • By 1883, it had become known as the Chronoscope after undergoing a name change.
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Larned, Kansas Main Street 1886 During the 1880s, the town of Larned was home to a number of reputable hotels, as well as four grain dealers, five dry-goods houses, four grocery stores, three druggists, two hardware stores, three jewelry establishments, two boot and shoe dealers, two blacksmiths, two wagon makers, two meat markets, two lumber dealers, three livery stables, two harness and saddle makers, six confectioners and bakers, two banks, two barbers, three coal dealers, There were also a number of more substantial businesses in the area, such as the Larned Broom Factory and the Larned Pottery Company.

Larned Around the year 1900 in Kansas At the turn of the century, the town of Larned, which had a population of more than 1,300 people, had developed into a trade and shipping station for the farms and ranches in the surrounding area. There are three banks with deposits totaling over $850,000, a fine city hall, an opera house, a hospital, a city park, waterworks, electricity for lighting and power, a fire department, all of the leading church denominations, a creamery, two flour mills, a foundry, and several grain elevators.

There are also several blocks of substantial business houses. By the turn of the next decade, the city saw significant expansion, and by 1910, its population had almost surpassed the 3,000 mark. The western region of the state is home to the Larned State Hospital, which opened its doors to patients suffering from mental illness in 1914.

  1. The inauguration of the State Security Hospital in 1939 brought with it a new set of duties for the organization.
  2. Prior to the year 1960, the hospital treated solely adult patients suffering from general mental and forensic disorders.
  3. However, beginning in 1966, the hospital began offering treatment programs for children, adolescents, chemically addicted individuals, and security behavior males.
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On its 98-acre property, the hospital currently runs three main programs, which include Youth, Adult, and Security Behavior Services. Author Kathy Weiser-novel, Alexander’s “Larned State Hospital.” The Masonic Temple was constructed in the year 1887. These days, the town of Larned is home to over 4,200 people and more than 100 distinct sorts of enterprises.

Throughout the course of the year, the city hosts a variety of festivals, including the Santa Fe Trail Days, the Pawnee County Fair, and a weekend dedicated to living history. The adjacent Fort Larned hosts a number of living history days during the summer, during which time volunteers portray different aspects of life at the fort.

Visitors who have an interest in history should make it a point to stop by the Santa Fe Trail Center and the Fort Larned National Historic Site while they are in the region. Kathy Weiser compiled and maintained the content for Legends of Kansas, which was last updated in April 2021.

Information to Contact Me: Also see: Municipalities in the State of Kansas Fort Larned was responsible for protecting the Santa Fe Trail. On the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas, you’ll find Fort Larned. An Overview of the Past Along the Arkansas River Pawnee County’s portion of the Santa Fe Trail Concerning the Article: The following historical information about Kansas may be found in this article: Both Kansas: History of the State of Kansas by William G.

Cutler, which was released in 1883, and A Cyclopedia of State History, which was compiled by Frank W. Blackmar and published in 1912. Both of these works were published in Kansas. Nevertheless, other sources have been utilised as well, and the information has been blended with others and substantially modified. What Happened In Larned Kansas What Happened In Larned Kansas What Happened In Larned Kansas