What Is The Elevation Of St Louis Missouri?

What Is The Elevation Of St Louis Missouri
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Where is the highest point in St. Louis?

Neighborhood of St. Louis
The Amoco sign at the corner of Clayton Avenue and Skinker Boulevard is a famous landmark that is viewable from I-64 / US-40, On the left, below the “Lemonade” sign, is the Hi Pointe Theatre and the Par Lounge next door.
Location (red) of Hi-Pointe within St. Louis
Country United States
State Missouri
City St. Louis
Wards 24, 28
• Total 0.29 sq mi (0.8 km 2 )
Population (2020)
• Total 2,151
• Density 7,400/sq mi (2,900/km 2 )
ZIP code(s) Parts of 63110, 63139
Area code(s) 314
Website stlouis-mo.gov

Within the larger area of St. Louis, Missouri that is known as Dogtown, you’ll find the Hi-Pointe neighborhood. In the north, it is bordered by Clayton Avenue and Oakland Avenue; in the west, it is surrounded by City Limits; in the south, it is bounded by Dale Avenue; and in the east, it is bounded by Louisville Avenue.

It shares its northern boundary with the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood and Forest Park, its eastern border with the Clayton-Tamm area, its southern border with the Franz Park neighborhood, and its western border with the city of Richmond Heights, which is located in St. Louis County. Because it is one of the highest points in the City of St.

Louis, the neighborhood known as Hi-Pointe was given that name. The Hi-Pointe is home to both the Par Lounge and the Hi-Pointe Theatre, which holds the record for being St. Louis’s oldest movie theater that is still in operation. In this immediate vicinity, one may find somewhere between 750 and 800 distinct residences, apartment complexes, condominium structures, and commercial establishments.

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Where is St Louis on a map?

When you click on the map, the elevation will be displayed. City of Saint Louis, County of Madison, State of Illinois, and United States: St. Louis ( 38.65295 -90.24112)

What is the topography of St Louis County Missouri?

Topographic map of Saint Louis County, Missouri, including elevation and relief. The southern part of St. Louis County is where the Ozark Mountains’ foothills begin, while the majority of the remainder of the county is comprised of plateaus of varying degrees of steepness. Because of the rocky terrain, this western portion of the county has the least amount of development.

What is the elevation of Missouri at sea level?

A miniature illustration of Missouri is included among the other 47 states that make up the Continental United States. This elevation map of Missouri displays, in both feet and meters, the various heights to which the state climbs over the surrounding ocean. As can be seen, the majority of the state of Missouri lies at an elevation of 500 feet or more above mean sea level.

What is the population of St Louis Missouri?

St. Louis. St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in Missouri, the second-largest in Illinois (after Chicago), and the 20th-largest in the United States. The city had an estimated population of 302,838 in 2018, and it is the cultural and economic center of the St. Louis metropolitan area, which is home to nearly 3,000,000 people.