What Seed Is Kansas City?

What Seed Is Kansas City
The victory by the Titans ensured that Kansas City will receive the second seed in the playoffs. This was made possible by Tennessee (12-5), who holds the tiebreaker owing to their victory over the Chiefs (27-3) on October 24 in Nashville. In the first wild-card round game, Kansas City will play host to Pittsburgh at 7:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Which seed is the Chiefs?

2 seed, although they are still holding out hope of finishing in first place.

Does the Kansas City Chiefs still have a chance in the playoffs?

The Playoff Picture in the National Football League, Team by Team – The Buffalo Bills (11-6) have ensured that they will participate in the postseason. The New England Patriots (10-7) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs. The Dolphins have been eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs.

  1. There is no longer any chance that the Jets will make the playoffs.
  2. The Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs.
  3. The Pittsburgh Steelers improved their odds of making the playoffs to 99 percent after Sunday’s victory over the Baltimore Ravens (9-7-1), which increased those chances from 9 percent.

The Baltimore Ravens are no longer in the running to make the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns are no longer in the running for a postseason spot. The Tennessee Titans (12-5) have ensured that they will participate in the postseason. The Indianapolis Colts are no longer in the running for a postseason spot.

  • The Texans are no longer in the running for a spot in the playoffs.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are no longer in the running for a postseason spot.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have secured a spot in the playoffs with their 12-5 record.
  • After defeating the Denver Broncos in Week 17, the Los Angeles Chargers (9-7) increased their odds of making the playoffs from 32 percent to 53 percent.

A victory the next week would secure a spot in the playoffs for the team. After defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Week 17, the Las Vegas Raiders (9-7) increased their odds of making the playoffs to 47 percent, up from 23 percent previously. A victory the next week would secure a spot in the playoffs for the team.

  1. The Broncos are no longer in the running for a spot in the playoffs.
  2. The Dallas Cowboys (12-5) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs.
  3. The Philadelphia Eagles (9-8) have secured a spot in the playoffs thanks to their record.
  4. The Football Team is no longer eligible for postseason play as a result of their loss.

The Green Bay Packers (13-4) have already secured a spot in the playoffs, while the New York Giants have been eliminated from postseason contention. The Minnesota Vikings are no longer in the running for a postseason spot. The Bears will not be participating in the playoffs as they have been eliminated.

  • The Lions have been eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have secured a spot in the playoffs with their 13-4 record.
  • The Saints have been eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs.
  • The Falcons have been eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs.
  • The Panthers will not be participating in the playoffs since they have been eliminated.

The Los Angeles Rams (12-5) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs. The Arizona Cardinals (11-6) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs. The San Francisco 49ers (10-7) have ensured themselves a spot in the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks are no longer in the running for a postseason spot.

Why are the Titans 1st seed?

Jan 9, 2022 A man named Turron Davenport ESPN Close What Seed Is Kansas City Covered Eagles for United States of America Today Worked as a reporter for the Baltimore Times covering the Ravens. Cheyney University was one of his collegiate football stops. HOUSTON – The Tennessee Titans entered the last game of the season with one objective in mind: to win against the Houston Texans.

The Titans were able to accomplish this feat by virtue of their victory on Sunday, 28-25, which allowed them to clinch the top seed in the AFC. The Titans took an early 21-0 lead thanks to three touchdown touchdowns thrown by Ryan Tannehill in the first half of the game. This became the fourth occasion in Tannehill’s career that he had three touchdown passes in the first half of a game.

The Texans have been on the receiving end of three of these unfortunate situations. Tannehill stated that “That’s what it’s all about” when asked about the topic. “We handled the situation professionally and positioned ourselves in a favorable position as a result.

  1. But a stance is all that it is in the end.
  2. The upcoming weeks will need us to play some of our finest football on the field.
  3. That is the strategy that will be utilized by the side that emerges victorious in the end: winning games in January and continuing that trend into February.” To achieve victory, the Titans had to put up a significant amount of effort.

In the last period of play, the Texans were able to cut the deficit to three points by scoring 18 points without receiving any answers. The Titans were able to halt the bleeding thanks to a drive that consisted of eight plays and covered a total of 75 yards.

The drive was rounded off by a touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill to Julio Jones, which was Jones’s first touchdown of the season and his first score with the Titans. Jones spoke positively on his touchdown reception by saying, “It was good.” “It hasn’t been an easy road for me. The guys have been there for me every step of the way.

They got together in that area to celebrate. It’s awesome to see how your brothers support one another by going out there and playing. Then getting out on the field and scoring meant more to them than it did to me to do so.” Davis Mills’ touchdown throw to Danny Amendola, which covered 26 yards, let Houston to get within three points, bringing the score to 28-25.

During its last drive, Tennessee effectively ended the game by putting the opponent out of contention. Tannehill completed the game by throwing four touchdown passes to his receivers. It was the first time since the game against the Indianapolis Colts on October 31 that Tannehill had thrown at least three touchdown passes in a single contest.

The Titans have won the AFC South division the past two years in a row, and as a result of their dominating performance, they have earned themselves a bye week in the playoffs. The Titans have now qualified for the postseason in three of Coach Mike Vrabel’s four seasons with the team.

  • Vrabel commented that receiving the number one seed did not come with any perks, such as a t-shirt or cap.
  • We are aware that we have secured a spot in the elite eight and that we will advance directly to the second round of the playoffs without being required to compete in a playoff game.” After the 2019 regular season, the Titans qualified for the postseason for the first time ever and advanced all the way to the AFC Championship Game before ultimately falling to the Kansas City Chiefs.
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The Titans qualified for the playoffs for the second consecutive year but were eliminated by the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round at Nissan Stadium. Nashville is the new route that one must go to get to the Super Bowl. The Titans anticipate that star running back Derrick Henry will be healthy enough to play a role in their postseason lineup.

  • The fact that Henry will be able to make his comeback from a fractured foot at Nissan Stadium, which has natural grass, is beneficial for the Titans since this surface is more forgiving.
  • Henry was activated off injured reserve by the Titans after they designated him to return to practice, which opened up a 21-day window for them to add him to their active roster.

Despite the fact that Henry participated in practice for three straight days in a row, Tennessee decided not to activate Henry for the last game of the season. Henry was in first place in the NFL before to his injury with 219 carries, 937 yards, and 10 touchdowns through the first eight games of the season.

Are Chiefs number 1 seed?

1 seed in Week 17.

Is the Kansas City Chiefs number one seed now?

DENVER — Linebacker Nick Bolton’s 86-yard fumble return after Melvin Ingram III rushed into Denver’s backfield unchallenged and snatched the ball from the running back was the game-winning play. On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Denver Broncos by a score of 28-24 thanks in large part to the play of Melvin Gordon.

The Chiefs improved to 12-5 on the season and maintained their hopes of earning the top seed in the AFC playoffs alive with a victory against the Broncos for the 13th time in a row. They need Houston to pull off an upset against Tennessee on Sunday in order to secure the top seed; if that doesn’t happen, they’ll be the second seed and will have to host a wild-card game the following weekend in order to go to a third straight Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Chiefs, stated that his team is prepared to play any opponent, regardless of location or opponent. Tyreek Hill, a wide receiver, could most certainly benefit from the bye week that is awarded to the top seed in each conference.

Due to the heel injury he sustained during pregame warmups, he was only able to record one reception for two yards. Mecole Hardman picked up his game after Hill got hurt and finished with eight receptions for 103 yards. “No one is Tyreek. In the history of our league, no one has ever witnessed a player as unique as he is “Mahomes claimed.

“But Mecole is fairly close. He was prepared for this moment,” the narrator says. “But Mecole is pretty close.” The Broncos (7-10) were leading 21-20 and driving for another score when Ingram broke up the play by running past tight end Noah Fant just as Drew Lock was handing the ball to Gordon.

This caused the Broncos to lose the lead. What twists and turns does the last week of the season have in store for us? CLINCHING SCENARIOS: Bolton picked up the lost ball and rumbled 86 yards to give the Chiefs their greatest lead, and Mahomes’ keeper on the 2-point conversion made it 28-21. In the last week of the season, three positions in the playoffs are still up for grabs.

Lock and the Broncos immediately went into scoring position again, but coach Vic Fangio, who fell to 19-30 as Denver’s head coach, elected to kick a field goal on fourth-and-9 from the 13. The crowd booed the choice fiercely. Lock and the Broncos quickly got into scoring position again.

Fangio noted that scoring the field goal with 4:37 remaining allowed his side the opportunity to make a stop and regain possession of the ball. Even if they conceded a field goal, they would still be behind by a score and had a chance to tie the game: “I get the feeling that you’re second-guessing yourself and just going for it.

But with a fourth and a nine, your prospects aren’t very good.” Brandon McManus kicked the field goal from 31 yards out, but the Broncos were still behind by four points and needed a score if they were going to be successful in stopping Patrick Mahomes.

They were not the same. Mahomes completed a pass to Travis Kelce for 11 yards on third-and-8 from the Denver 17-yard line just before the two-minute warning. At that point, the Broncos had used all of their available timeouts. The Chiefs lined up in victory formation as the clock ticked down and the crowd of 61,441 — there were nearly 15,000 empty seats — streamed for the exits.

The Chiefs had just completed their fifth consecutive season in which they finished with a losing record, and their absence from the playoffs had reached a new high of six years. In the first drive of the third quarter, Kansas City’s Jerick McKinnon caught a touchdown pass that went for 14 yards and put the Chiefs ahead 17-14.

  1. McKinnon broke three tackles on his way to the end zone.
  2. Gordon broke through the line for a 47-yard touchdown that gave Denver a 21-17 lead that the Broncos would take into the fourth quarter.
  3. Lock replied with a 31-yard dart to Tim Patrick on third-and-13, which was the throw that eclipsed Lock’s total yards in the first half.

Early in the fourth quarter, Harrison Butker kicked a field goal from 51 yards out, bringing the score for Kansas City to 21-20. This was the culmination of a 10-play drive that traveled just 25 yards. In the first half, Lock only completed four of ten throws for a total of 27 yards, but the Broncos took a 14-10 lead into halftime courtesy to Lock’s two touchdown scrambles of 5 and 23 yards, respectively.

Kelce’s reception of 3 yards put Kansas City ahead 7-0, but Zayne Anderson’s roughing penalty on punter Sam Martin spared the Broncos from a second consecutive three-and-out, and Lock made the most of his second opportunity to tie it with a 5 yard scramble that knotted the game at 7-7. Following Butker’s miscue on the kickoff, this drive got underway from the Denver 33-yard line.

Additionally, he experienced two slips during pregame warmups and switched his cleats prior to the game. When Lock retained the ball himself and dashed up the middle from 23 yards out, Denver took the lead for the first time, 14-7, thanks to its successful running attack.

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Because of this, he became the first quarterback for the Broncos since Tim Tebow in 2011 to run for two touchdowns in the same game. Both Michael Ojemudia and Kyle Fuller had opportunities to intercept passes for the Broncos, but they failed to do so on Kansas City’s opening drive and at the goal line, respectively.

The Broncos were without three of their top four cornerbacks at the time. After Fuller’s attempt at a field goal failed, Butker kicked a field goal from 34 yards out, bringing Kansas City’s score to 14-10. GUARDIANS OF THE HOUSE: According to FanDuel SportsBook, the Chiefs were double-digit favorites to win the game, and the Broncos were double-digit home underdogs.

  • This was only the third occasion in the previous 42 years that this has happened.
  • The other games were in 1987 against the Raiders when substitute players were used because the players were on strike, and the game last year against the Saints when all four of their quarterbacks participated in COVID-19 procedures.

FANGIO’S FUTURE: Fangio displayed emotion during his postgame press conference, although he stated that he was unaware of whether or not he will be retained for the fourth year of his contract. He stated, “You saw it out there tonight, a lot of fighters and competitors,” and implied that the audience had witnessed this.

  • And I believe you were aware of it throughout the year.
  • And that is exactly what these individuals are.
  • I feel privileged to have any connection to them at all.
  • I am not pleased with our overall performance.
  • I am aware that it is not satisfactory. I got it.
  • On the other hand, I am honored to be linked with our team’s players.” INJURIES: Chiefs RB The injury to Darrel Williams’ toe forced him to leave the game early in the fourth quarter.

Broncos RT On Saturday, a concussion suffered by Bobby Massie was noted on the team’s injury report. He was subsequently declared out before the game ever started. IILB Baron Browning went down with an injury to his right shoulder in the middle of the third quarter, but he came back.

Who is favorite to win AFC West?

At +160, the Chiefs are the betting favorites to win the American Football Conference West. They have won this division for the past six seasons in a row; nevertheless, winning it again won’t be as simple as it was before. The oddsmakers would not be shocked if they finished in second place (+200) or third place (+300).

Which team is favored to win the AFC West?

This season’s “Division of Death” is the American Football Conference West. Although it is true that the Chiefs are still the favorites to win the division because they have done it for the last six years in a row, the other teams in the division are not far behind.

In point of fact, the Chargers and the Broncos are close on the heels of the Chiefs. Both the Chargers and the Broncos made significant roster upgrades throughout the offseason by adding players, including Denver’s purchase of quarterback Russell Wilson for the Broncos. The Raiders are also not too far behind at this point in the race.

They just qualified for the postseason in 2021 and used this offseason to sign Davante Adams, who is widely considered to be the finest wide receiver in all of football. Every NFL fan’s desire is to win this division, despite the fact that it will be exceedingly difficult to do so.

What did the Dolphins give for Tyreek Hill?

The Miami Dolphins made a significant sacrifice in order to get Tyreek Hill. In exchange for Hill, the Miami Dolphins sent the Kansas City Chiefs a first-round selection, a second-round pick, two fourth-round picks, and a sixth-round pick in the draft. After that, the Dolphins offered Hill a contract worth a total of $120 million over the course of four years.

Are the Chiefs a wild card?

During the NFL 2021 season, the top plays for the Kansas City Chiefs to use against the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Wild Card Weekend.

Can Titans clinch 1 seed?

With a victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, the Tennessee Titans were able to capture their second consecutive AFC South championship and placed themselves into position to claim the top seed in the league. The score of the game was 34-3.

How can the Titans clinch Number 1 seed?

The victory that the Kansas City Chiefs had over the Denver Broncos on Saturday has been reflected in this article in its current form. If you win, you’ll take Nashville all the way to the AFC Championship. This is how the Tennessee Titans (11-5) are approaching their regular-season finale on Sunday against the Houston Texans (4-12) at NRG Stadium (noon CT, CBS).

  • A win would give the Titans the number one seed in the AFC, something they haven’t had since 2008, as well as a first-round bye in the playoffs.
  • An additional week may be beneficial for a Tennessee roster that is on the mend, particularly with regard to the anticipated return of star running back Derrick Henry.

The message that head coach Mike Vrabel wanted to convey to the squad this week was that “winning takes care of everything.” Talkin’ Titans: Does Derrick Henry’s comeback help Tennessee’s chances of making the Super Bowl? (Podcast) MIKE VRABEL: Tennessee Titans’ There is a compelling argument to be made for Mike Vrabel to be named NFL Coach of the Year.

This is the reason ESTES: If the Tennessee Titans are unable to defeat the Houston Texans, the return of Derrick Henry won’t matter as much. Estes In the event that the Titans suffer a defeat in Houston on Sunday, their next game would be scheduled for wild-card weekend, which takes place from January 15-17.

This is a direct consequence of Kansas City’s victory over Denver on Saturday. As a result of their victory, the Bengals and Patriots are no longer in the running for the number one seed in the AFC playoffs. The Chiefs end the regular season with a record of 12-5.

  1. In that case, Tennessee could finish anywhere from the second to the fourth seed in the AFC playoffs (although it couldn’t go lower than that because it won the AFC South division).
  2. It will depend on how Cincinnati (10-6), Buffalo (10-6) and New England (10-6) perform in their respective regular-season finales.
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Cincinnati is currently in sixth place with 10 wins and 6 losses. The matchups for the wild-card round are as follows: No.2 faces No.7, No.3 faces No.6, and No.4 vs No.5. As a consequence of the Titans’ defeat at New England during Week 12, the Bills have the advantage in the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Patriots, while the Titans do not.

But even if they win, New England would still be kept out of the top four if Buffalo, which is now in first place in the AFC East, wins on Sunday. Therefore, it’s possible that this argument is irrelevant. With an 8-3 conference record, the Bengals are now in first place among the AFC divisional leaders, and this might be a deciding factor in the event of a tie.

The Bills, Patriots, Colts (9-7), Chargers (9-7), Raiders (9-7), and Ravens (8-8) are the teams in the American Football Conference who are currently in contention for the fifth through seventh seeds (8-7-1). The Tennessee Titans are the team that Ben Arthur covers for the USA Today Network.

Who is #1 in the AFC?


1 Steelers 23
2 Ravens 24
3 Browns 26
4 Bengals 20

When can Chiefs clinch AFC West?

The Kansas City Chiefs were successful in their Week 16 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning by a score of 36-10. As a direct consequence of this, they have established themselves as the undisputed champions of the AFC West division for the 2021 NFL season, making them the first club in the AFC to clinch a spot in the postseason.

Even though they were missing numerous players due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the squad still managed to come away with the victory, which was all that was required of them in order to secure a spot in the playoffs for this week. This is the seventh straight season that Kansas City has made it to the playoffs, breaking the franchise record that was set by Marty Schottenheimer’s Chiefs squad back in the 1990s.

This is also the longest ongoing streak of making the playoffs in the National Football League at the present time. An further remarkable accomplishment for the good folks today: The Kansas City Chiefs will be making their way to the postseason for the fourth year in a row with Patrick Mahomes at the helm.

Since No.15 took over as the starting quarterback for the squad, they have never been eliminated from postseason contention. The Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West division for the sixth straight year, thanks in part to the success of the Houston Texans in Week 16, when they defeated the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 34-24.

Additionally, it gives them the longest current run in the NFL as of right now. It has never happened before in the entire annals of the AFC West division’s competition that a single team has been victorious in the division for six years in a row. The Broncos (2011-2015) and the Raiders (1972-1976) are the only two teams in NFL history to have won five games in a row.

However, with this victory, Kansas City earns another place in NFL annals. In addition to everything else that was able to be clinched today, the Chiefs were able to maintain their control on the top seed in the AFC conference by virtue of their victory. They are still in charge of their own destinies, but there is no wiggle space for mistakes in the last two weeks of the season.

The Tennessee Titans are only behind by one game and have an advantage over the Kansas City Chiefs in the event that both teams finish with identical records. These achievements serve as a harsh reminder that we are now residing in the golden age of Chiefs football, and that we should take this opportunity to fully appreciate it.

How many times in a row have the Chiefs won the AFC West?

During the 2022 NFL season, it is expected that the Kansas City Chiefs will once again play a significant role in the history of the AFC West. Last season, Kansas City extended its historic run of success inside the AFC West division, capturing its sixth straight AFC West title.

  • In doing so, Kansas City became the first club in the history of the division to ever win the division six times in a row.
  • Before the 2017 season, the Chiefs have never been able to win their division in back-to-back seasons, but Andy Reid has led the team to an era of prosperity that has never been seen before.

Kansas City is the preseason favorite to win the American Football Conference West division for the next season. They would further extend their record of domination over the division if they were to carry out this plan. The following is a rundown of the most recent odds offered by Tipico on who will win the AFC West division:

Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +155
Los Angeles Chargers +240
Denver Broncos +260
Las Vegas Raiders +600

The storyline of the offseason has been that clubs in the AFC West have closed the gap, but oddsmakers are reticent to give anyone an advantage over Kansas City. The Broncos were sitting in a distant second place behind the Chiefs at this point in the previous season.

  1. This time around, the team with the best odds of beating Kansas City is Los Angeles, although Denver is a close third.
  2. Although Las Vegas is a distant fourth in the standings, it appears that their odds have increased from the previous season as well (+1600).
  3. Regrettably, the national media won’t be deterred from predicting the Chargers to win the AFC West despite these odds as the offseason progresses.

Despite the fact that these odds are always shifting, it is essential to keep in mind that the Chiefs are one of just four NFL teams to have a winning record against every club in their division throughout the course of their entire history. The majority of that achievement can be attributed to Andy Reid’s coaching, and there is no indication that it will go quickly.

What is Patrick Mahomes record in the AFC West?

In his career, Patrick Mahomes has a record of 21-3 while playing against teams from the AFC West.