What Was The Score Between Kansas City And Pittsburgh?

What Was The Score Between Kansas City And Pittsburgh
Mahomes guides the Chiefs to a wild-card blowout victory against the Steelers by scoring four touchdowns.

What was the Final score between Pittsburgh and Kansas City last Night?

After defeating the Steelers 42-21 in the wild-card round of the AFC playoffs on Sunday night, the Chiefs are moving on to the divisional round of the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes completed 30 of 39 passes for 404 yards and five touchdowns when he was the winning quarterback.

Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Chiefs, threw the touchdown pass that led to the team’s sixth score. In the history of the NFL playoffs, this was only the third occasion that a tight end has thrown a touchdown pass. Additionally, Kelce made history by being the first tight end in the history of the NFL to have four straight games in the playoffs with at least 100 receiving yards.

After this defeat, it seems likely that Ben Roethlisberger will not play another game in his 18-year career. It is anticipated that the quarterback, who will turn 39 next year, would hang up his cleats following this season. He ended the game with a throwing total of 215 yards and two touchdowns.T.J.

  • Watt, a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, scored the Steelers’ third touchdown by recovering a fumble that occurred in the second quarter and subsequently returning the ball 26 yards for the touchdown.
  • It was the first touchdown of his career in the National Football League.
  • MORE: An explanation of what occurred on the last play of the game between the 49ers and the Cowboys Running back Jerick McKinnon ended with 61 running yards, 81 receiving yards, and a score for the Chiefs.
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This was due to the fact that Clyde Edwards-Helaire missed his third straight game due to an injury. The Chiefs, the No.2 seed, will play host to the Bills, the No.3 seed, in the divisional round on Sunday at 6:40 p.m. Eastern Time. On Sunday, Sporting News covered the Steelers game against the Chiefs by providing live scoring updates and game highlights.

Who’s winning between the Steelers and the Chiefs?

Mahomes guides the Chiefs to a wild-card blowout victory against the Steelers by scoring four touchdowns.

Did Kansas City clinch the number one seed?

The Kansas City Chiefs were able to maintain their position as the top team in the American Football Conference for a few of weeks, but with one week left in the season, they have been knocked down to the second slot. As a result of the Chiefs’ loss to the Bengals by a score of 34-31 in Week 17, Kansas City was demoted to the No.2 seed, while the Tennessee Titans were promoted to the No.1 position.

Are the Steelers better than the Chiefs?

The Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Wild Card playoffs (12-5) Series record (as of the most recent meeting): Steelers lead 23-13 (Chiefs, W 36-10) When (television and radio): 7:15 p.m. on KSHB 41 and WDAF-106.5 FM Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya, and Terry McAulay are among those who provide commentary on television.

Offense Chiefs Steelers
Scoring avg. 28.2 (4) 20.2 (21)
Scoring % 48.2 (1) 34.7 (20)
Points/drive 2.71 (1) 1.70 (24)
Total offense 396.8 (3) 315.4 (23)
Yards per play 5.9 (5) 4.8 (28)
Passing yards/game 281.8 (4) 222.2 (15)
Completion % 66.4 (12) 64.0 (22)
QB rating 98.1 (10) 85.3 (24)
Passing yards/attempt 7.3 (13) 6.0 (30)
TD-Interception ratio 37-13 (7) 23-11 (15)
Sacks allowed-yards 28-146 (3t) 38-239 (17)
Rushing yards/game 115.0 (16) 93.1 (29)
Rushing yards/carry 4.5 (9) 3.9 (29)
Rushing TD 16 (14t) 10 (28t)
Third-down % 52.2 (1) 38.9 (18)
Red-zone TD % 59.4 (17) 54.0 (23)
Turnover margin +4 (11) +2 (13t)
Scoring avg. 21.4 (8) 23.4 (20)
Scoring % 37.3 (18) 38.7 (21)
Points/drive 2.14 (21) 2.01 (17)
Total defense 368.9 (27) 361.1 (24)
Yards allowed per play 5.9 (31) 5.5 (19)
Passing yards/game 251.4 (27) 215.1 (9)
Completion % 65.7 (18) 63.1 (9)
QB rating 92.0 (16) 88.7 (11)
Passing yards/attempt 7.3 (24) 7.1 (18)
TD-Interception ratio 27-15 (13t) 24-13 (15)
Sacks-yards 31-209 (29) 55-321 (1)
Rushing yards/game 117.6 (21) 146.1 (32)
Rushing yards/carry 4.8 (31) 5.0 (32)
Rushing TD 15 (14t) 17 (21t)
Third-down % 40.2 (18) 37.1 (8)
Red-zone TD % 57.1 (16) 50.8 (5)
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How many times have the Chiefs and Steelers met in the playoffs?

Expand Everywhere – It will be the 37th time that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers meet when the AFC Wild Card Game takes place at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. This will be the 36th postseason game in the history of the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

  1. The Steelers and the Chiefs are going to play each other for the third time in the postseason, and the Steelers currently have a lead in the series that is 23-13.
  2. Both of their previous contests ended in a draw.
  3. The Colts and the Bills are the only two teams that the Chiefs have competed against more frequently in their postseason history.

A look back at those two earlier postseason games between the Chiefs and Steelers, as well as three other notable battles from throughout the history of their all-time series, is shown below.

Can Chiefs regain 1st seed?

According to estimations provided by ESPN, the Chiefs have a 17% chance of regaining the number one seed with just one game left in the regular season. The Chiefs have already ensured that they will participate in the postseason of the NFL and that they would play at least one of their games at Arrowhead Stadium.

Who has the number 1 seed in AFC?

*1 Titans 12-5
*2 Chiefs 12-5
*3 Bills 11-6
*4 Bengals 10-7