What Was The Score Of The Kansas City Pittsburgh Game?

What Was The Score Of The Kansas City Pittsburgh Game
Mahomes guides the Chiefs to a wild-card blowout victory against the Steelers by scoring four touchdowns.

Are Steelers out of playoffs now?

Postseason play will be Ben Roethlisberger’s final competition before retiring. The Steelers overcame a slow start to secure a spot in the playoffs with a record of 9-7-1 after the Raiders won their game against the Chargers by a score of 35-32 on Sunday night.

Daniel Carlson’s game-winning field goal from 47 yards out with no time left in overtime secured a berth in the playoffs for both the Raiders and the Steelers. After forcing overtime with a field goal at the end of the fourth quarter while they were behind by 15 points, the Chargers were eliminated from the game.

The Jaguars’ victory against the Colts earlier in the day on Sunday cleared the door for Pittsburgh to have a shot at making the playoffs. After coming back from a deficit to win in overtime against the Ravens, the Steelers shown that they were up to the task.

  • After the Chargers and the Raiders averted a tie in their game, Pittsburgh was able to secure a spot in the playoffs.
  • The Steelers were given the seventh seed in the AFC and will play the Chiefs, who are the defending two-time champions of the AFC, in the wild card round in Kansas City on the following Sunday night.

Back in Week 16, Kansas City came out on top, defeating Pittsburgh by a score of 36-10. At that point, the Steelers needed to win both of their remaining games in order to have any hope of making the playoffs. That was successfully accomplished in Pittsburgh.

In what was heralded as Roethlisberger’s final game at Heinz Field, the Steelers prevailed against the Browns in a game that was broadcast on “Monday Night Football.” The game was emotional. In a fitting manner, Roethlisberger led the game-winning drive that won his 57th career game in Baltimore, the same city in which he made his debut as a starter in the NFL regular season all the way back in Week 2 of the 2004 season.

The touchdown throw that Roethlisberger threw to Chase Claypool in the closing minutes of regulation time gave the Steelers a 13-10 lead. The game-winning field goal by Chris Boswell was made possible by his completion of a pass to Ray-Ray McCloud for 10 yards on a fourth-and-8 play in overtime.

What was the ending score for the Chiefs?

In the game against the Chiefs in 2022, the Bengals now have two opportunities for second-half comebacks.

Did the Chiefs make the playoffs?

What Was The Score Of The Kansas City Pittsburgh Game The lead has changed hands four times in the game’s last two minutes, as reported by The Athletic NFL Staff at 3:23 AM on January 25, 2022 GMT+3.2.5 points in the game’s last 1 minute and 54 seconds of regulation play.7 total touchdowns scored by both teams 1⃣ instant classic.

How can I watch the Steelers and the Chiefs?

The game between the Chiefs and the Steelers will be aired nationwide on NBC, with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth providing the play-by-play, and Michele Tafoya providing commentary from the sidelines. Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, will broadcast the game for anyone who would like to watch it online rather than on television.

Did the Steelers make the playoffs 2022?

What Was The Score Of The Kansas City Pittsburgh Game In a wild Week 18, the Raiders became the final team to clinch a playoff berth on Sunday. They punched their ticket to the postseason by winning a 35-32 overtime thriller over the Chargers. Here’s who’s in and who’s out of the NFL postseason – January 10, 2022 at 8:05 am ET • 5 min read In a wild Week 18, the Raiders became the final team to clinch a playoff berth.

The victory of the Raiders brought an end to a wild day in the National Football League (NFL), which featured an incredible comeback by the 49ers, a huge upset by the Jaguars, and three wild overtime victories by the Steelers, Raiders, and 49ers in games that completely changed the landscape of the playoffs.

After pulling off a stunning victory over the Colts by a score of 26-11, the Jaguars were able to completely flip the script on how the AFC playoff race would play out. The Colts’ defeat made it possible for Pittsburgh to advance to the next round. The Steelers were able to formally cement their spot in the playoffs after the Raiders defeated the Chargers on Sunday night.

The Steelers defeated the Ravens by a score of 16-13, which boosted their own chances. The Steelers would not have qualified for the playoffs if the Raiders and Chargers had played to a draw, and a tie was very close to occurring when Las Vegas was able to pull off the win with a field goal from Daniel Carlson of 47 yards with time running out in overtime.

After completing an incredible comeback against the Rams, the 49ers clinched a postseason berth for their division, the NFC. At one point in the game, the Niners were behind 17-0, but they battled back to win the game 27-24 in overtime. Keeping all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the definitive playoff seedings for this season.

How did Steelers Make wild-card?

In the final game of the regular season, which took place on Sunday, the Raiders defeated the Los Angeles Chargers with a score of 35-32 in overtime to earn a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 2016. As a result of this result, the Pittsburgh Steelers also earned a spot in the playoffs as a wild-card team.

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How did Chiefs score in 13 seconds?

X. Mahomes had a conversation with offensive lineman Mike Remmers prior to the start of these postseason games about a previous playoff game known as the “Minneapolis Miracle.” In that game, the Vikings scored a walk-off touchdown from 61 yards out as time expired to win the game.

  • Remmers had played in that game.
  • Mahomes desired to have that sensation.
  • Desired to feel that type of reaction from a crowd in their own stadium.
  • After that, he handed it over to them.
  • He presented it to himself.
  • With 62 seconds remaining on the clock, he led a game-winning touchdown drive, connecting with Hill in the center of the field.

In the last thirteen seconds of the game, he directed the field goal drive that tied the score. In overtime, he led the Chiefs on a drive that covered 75 yards on their first possession, culminating in the game-winning throw of 8 yards to Kelce. In order to get the walk-off he wanted.

What happened to Mahomes in the AFC championship game?

What on earth could have occurred to Patrick Mahomes during halftime of the AFC Championship Game? That is the question that has everyone scratching their heads. It appeared as though the Chiefs were going to coast to an easy victory at home and go to their third consecutive Super Bowl.

Then, everything came to a grinding halt for Kansas City. Mahomes had a terrible performance in the second half and overtime after having an almost perfect first half in which he completed 18 of 22 passes for 220 yards, threw three touchdown passes, and didn’t throw any interceptions. After the break, Mahomes was penalized for dropping back 24 times.

He was only successful in completing 8 of 18 passes for a total of 55 yards, although he was taken down for a loss four times and threw two interceptions. Mahomes’ second drop back in the third quarter was a precursor to the Bengals’ strategy for the rest of the game, as they revealed in their philosophy on the play.

  1. It was a risky but clever defensive maneuver, and it worked like a charm.
  2. Sam Hubbard, number 94, was at the top of the line when the Cincinnati Bengals exhibited a four-man rush, but they ended up dropping him into coverage.
  3. At the snap, it appeared as though No.24 safety Vonn Bell was going to be a part of a traditional two-deep safety look.

However, Vonn Bell moved downhill in order to cut up intermediate routes across the middle. It was previously believed that giving Mahomes time by using a three-man rush and officially playing single-high safety was a formula for a defensive catastrophe.

This was due to Kansas City’s speed, Mahomes’ arm, and the club’s propensity to smash the home run over the top. However, the Bengals were aware that the Chiefs were mostly moving the ball below and at the second level of the defense. This was because the alignment of the safeties had created enough room in these areas.

After halftime, Cincinnati did not deviate from its defensive adjustment and used some version of it on almost every one of Mahomes’ drop backs. Mahomes was forced to make an untimely escape from the pocket to his right and throw the ball away as a result of this.

  1. The Bengals did not even attempt to conceal their safety look by using late rotation on this pass that was incomplete.
  2. In addition to that, Mike Hilton (No.21) did an outstanding job sprinting with Byron Pringle all over the field.
  3. However, take note of the three-man rush.
  4. A sense of security afloat in the center.

And later in the game, we get almost the same coverage and front-seven performance on a significant sack that we had earlier. This time, Bates (No.30) was really in the box when the snap was taken; but, in that “robber” duty, he is allowed the latitude to just find someone to cover, and he spotted the shallow cross by DeMarcus Robinson (No.11), who was likely the target supposed to grab the ball to advance the chains.

It became a game of backyard football once Mahomes observed Bates driving on that route, and the Bengals were able to take possession of the quarterback. Sometimes Cincinnati would throw a spy on Mahomes, and on this play later in the fourth quarter, that spy was Bell. He was supposed to “rob” at the intermediate level, but instead he took away the deep middle.

It was a simple case of Kansas City’s tackles being beaten around the corner. Still another bag. Take note of how cornerback Tre Flowers, who wears No.33, has moved into the center of the field to occupy the area that the Chiefs enjoy using to their advantage.

This was not an idea that was conceived out of defensiveness or fear. And the Bengals did try to replicate some pressure by sending cornerbacks on blitzes from one side of the line while a defensive end dropped into coverage on the opposite side of the field. Like here. Watch as Hilton blitzes from the top, and Hubbard sits in Mahomes’ planned throwing path, which causes Mahomes to hesitate before delivering the ball.

That hesitancy served as a catalyst for B.J. The game-changing interception made by Hill. On the play, Kansas City’s play design put them in a position where they were easily exploited by Cincinnati. Incredible focus on Hill’s part, as seen by his ability to tip the football and make the interception.

  • Let’s wrap up this discussion by discussing the Chiefs’ failed red-zone possession towards the end of regulation and their unsuccessful drive in overtime.
  • Please let me know if you’ve seen this before: a three-man rush, a quarterback spy, and a Mahomes who is confused.
  • What do you think about this? “Simulated” blitz, with just four rushers, with Hilton serving as the “extra” rusher by coming from the side of the field.
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Mahomes believed that he needed to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible and that it would be prudent to pass to the location on the field that the “blitzer” had abandoned. Robinson was not prepared for the pass, and an overtime pick-six by the Bengals would have brought them very, very close to playing in the Super Bowl.

  1. Now comes the final throw of the game by Mahomes, which is an interception by Bell.
  2. Mahomes made the decision to take a chance down the field and throw an interception, which was something he hadn’t done at any time in the second half.
  3. He only had one safety in the high safety position, while the other safety was tasked with stealing the center of the field.

In addition, he had the blazingly fast Hill running a deep crosser. Isn’t it just perfect? If not for the fact that Bell sensed Hill behind him and was able to drift toward that side of the field with Kelce breaking in that direction as well, it would have been.

  • Bates, who is known as one of the safeties in football with the longest range, was able to go over the top as Bell sunk, and the two of them pinched the throw well.
  • It was tipped off, and the guards caught it.
  • I believe Hill and Kelce’s routes were planned to place Bell in a position of potential conflict by placing one route in front of him and one route behind him.

The safety, though, did an excellent job of reading the situation and determining that the pass was going to be completed over his head. He was able to run beneath the long ball because he had sufficient quickness and speed. Mahomes and the Chiefs were left completely befuddled as a result of the Patriots’ strategy of naturally clogging throwing lanes with eight defenders in coverage, spying on the quarterback, simulating pressure with corner blitzes, and allowing Bell and occasionally fellow safety Bates to roam free over the middle of the field.

Who will the Chiefs play in the first playoff game?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the second seed in the playoffs and will face the Pittsburgh Steelers at home in the first round of the playoffs. That game will take place at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday evening at 7:15.

Who is favored to win Bills vs Chiefs?

Since Patrick Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce has been widely considered to be the best tight end in the National Football League. Dawson Knox of Buffalo entered the conversation this season, and if NFL fans weren’t aware with him before to last weekend, they certainly were following the Bills’ dominating 47-17 victory against the Patriots.

  • Elce ended with five catches for 108 yards and a touchdown in Kansas City’s victory against Pittsburgh last Sunday (42-21), while Knox finished with five catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns the day before.
  • Elce’s performance was impressive, but Knox’s performance was even more impressive.
  • This coming Sunday, Kelce and the Chiefs will take against Knox and the Bills, and if you sign up for Paramount+, you’ll be able to watch the game live stream and find out who advances in the 2022 NFL playoffs.

The game will begin at 6:30 p.m. local time at Arrowhead Stadium. ET. Caesars Sportsbook’s most recent odds for the game between the Bills and the Chiefs have Kansas City as a 1.5-point favorite, and the total has been set at 54. The duel that will take place on Sunday will be broadcast nationwide on CBS and can also be watched live on Paramount+ by subscribing to their Premium package.

Now that Paramount+ offers tiered memberships, you can watch your local NFL on CBS contests in addition to a lot of other content. With the Premium Plan, which costs $9.99 per month, you can watch your local CBS live stream without any advertisements, on demand, and with the opportunity to save episodes for offline watching.

This plan also includes lots of sports programming, such as SEC on CBS, NFL on CBS, and the PGA Tour. Both subscriptions come with one free week to begin with and include access to the NFL on CBS; thus, join up right now by clicking here.

What TV channel is the Chiefs game on tonight?

You can watch live broadcasts of Chiefs games on CBS.

What channel is carrying the Steelers game today?

Are the Steelers playing today? Time and broadcasting information for the first NFL preseason game | Sporting News. Sunday, Aug.28.

Game Time (ET) TV
Giants at Jets 1 p.m. NFL Network, fuboTV
Lions at Steelers 4:30 p.m. CBS, fuboTV
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What are the odds for the Steelers to make the playoffs?

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers come into the 2022 season with a lot of unanswered concerns, and the oddsmakers feel that there are too many of them to guarantee them a berth in the playoffs. The latest odds available at BetOnline.ag place the Steelers’ chances of making the playoffs at +275, while the team’s chances of not making the postseason are listed at -350.

  1. Both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens are now the teams with the best odds (-130) of advancing to the postseason.
  2. They both have a one hundred percent chance of not making the playoffs.
  3. The Cleveland Browns do not currently have odds since there is a great deal of uncertainty around quarterback Deshaun Watson.

If Watson is healthy enough to play in 2022, it is reasonable to assume that the team will have a good chance of qualifying for the postseason. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the best odds at -600 to make the playoffs, while their odds of not making the playoffs are +400.

Who made playoffs NFL 2022?

2021–22 NFL playoffs

Dates January 15 – February 13, 2022
Season 2021
Teams 14
Games played 13
Super Bowl LVI site SoFi Stadium Inglewood, California
Defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Champions Los Angeles Rams
Runners-up Cincinnati Bengals
Conference runners-up Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers


NFL playoffs ← 2020–21


The National Football League’s (NFL) postseason tournament for the 2021 season was known as the 2021–22 NFL playoffs. Because this was the first season in which the league played 17 games during the regular season, the beginning of the playoffs was moved to January 15, 2022, which is a week later than it had been previously scheduled.

  1. Super Bowl LVI took place on February 13 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.
  2. The game was the culmination of the playoffs, and it was won by the Los Angeles Rams, who were the fourth seed in the NFC, against the Cincinnati Bengals, who were the fourth seed in the AFC.
  3. This was the first playoffs since the 2010–11 season in which none of the top-seeded teams advanced to their respective finals.

Additionally, this was the first postseason since the 2009–10 season in which neither Aaron Rodgers nor Tom Brady advanced to a conference championship game. Additionally, this was the first postseason since 2012–13 to have a Super Bowl that did not feature either Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Patrick Mahomes.

This was also the first time that this has occurred in the Super Bowl. Both of the teams that played in the Super Bowl ended in positions lower than the second seed for the first time in the game’s history. Nine of the 13 games that were played during the playoffs were decided by a margin of seven points or fewer.

Six of the last seven postseason games were decided by a margin of three points or fewer. Five of those six games were decided by field goals made by the winning team. The lone game that was not decided by three points was the divisional round game between the Chiefs and the Bills, which was decided by a game-winning touchdown in overtime.

  • 2 Schedule
  • 3 Playoffs for the Wild Card

3.1 Saturday, January 15, 2022

  • 3.1.1 Results from the American Football Conference: Cincinnati Bengals 26, Las Vegas Raiders 19
  • 3.1.2 in the American Football Conference: The Buffalo Bills win with a score of 47 to 17.

3.2 Sunday, January 16, 2022

  • 3.2.1 in the National Football Conference: Buccaneers of Tampa Bay 31, Eagles of Philadelphia 15
  • 3.2.2 in the National Football Conference: San Francisco 49ers 23 and Dallas Cowboys 17
  • 3.2.3 In the American Football Conference, Kansas City Chiefs beat Pittsburgh Steelers 42 to 21

3.3 The Monday after the 17th of January in 2022 3.3.1 NFC: Los Angeles Rams 34, Arizona Cardinals 11 4 playoffs for the divisions 4.1 Saturday, January 22, 2022

  • 4.1.1 Cincinnati Bengals win the American Football Conference, 19-16 over the Tennessee Titans
  • 4.1.2 NFC: San Francisco 49ers 13, Green Bay Packers 10

4.2 Sunday, January 23, 2022

  • 4.2.1 NFC: Los Angeles Rams win with a score of 30 to 27 against Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 4.2.2 in the American Football Conference: Kansas City Chiefs 42, Buffalo Bills 36 (OT) (OT)

Five different conference titles won 5.1 Sunday, January 30, 2022

  • 5.1.1 Standings in the American Football Conference: Cincinnati Bengals 27, Kansas City Chiefs 24 (OT)
  • 5.1.2 NFC: Los Angeles Rams 20, San Francisco 49ers 17
  • 6 Super Bowl LVI: Los Angeles Rams 23, Cincinnati Bengals 20
  • 7 Media coverage
  • 7.1 The coverage on television
  • 7.2 In a steady stream
  • 7.3 on the ratings scale for the postseason games
  • 8 Sources Cited
  • 9 External connections

What seed are the Steelers?

*4 Bengals 10-7
%5 Raiders 10-7
%6 Patriots 10-7
%7 Steelers 9-7-1

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make it to the playoffs last year?

When was the last time that the Pittsburgh Steelers participated in the postseason? The Pittsburgh Steelers qualified for the postseason for the last time in 2021, however they were eliminated in the Wild Card Round. During their 63-year history, they have qualified for the postseason a total of 32 times.