When Is Deer Season In Missouri 2021?

When Is Deer Season In Missouri 2021
Seasons for Deer in Missouri in 2021

Method Season Dates
Firearms – Main Portion 11/12 to 11/22
Late Youth Portion 11/25 to 11/27
Firearms – Antlerless 12/03 to 12/11
Alternative Methods 12/24 to 01/03/2023

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How long after sunset can you shoot a deer in Missouri?

Time Spent Shooting beginning a half an hour before dawn and ending a half an hour after nightfall.

Can you shoot two deer in the same day in Missouri?

During the entirety of the firearms season, hunters are only allowed to take one antlered deer (all portions combined). During the entirety of the deer hunting season, whether you use a bow or a gun, you are only allowed to take two antlered bucks.

What is the smallest caliber for deer hunting in Missouri?

Firearm restrictions during the elk firearms portion During the firearms portion of the elk hunting season in open counties, other wildlife can only be hunted with a shotgun and shot no larger than No.4, or a rimfire rifle with a caliber of.22 or smaller.

Is it illegal to sell deer antlers in Missouri?

(picture taken by Jerry Davis) CANTON, Mo. — Josh McIntosh, who lives in rural Canton, has a deep appreciation for nature and all of the wonderful things that can be found there. Not only does nature give a wide variety of gorgeous landscapes, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and numerous other images of beauty throughout the seasons, but it also provides riches that may be taken by anyone wishes to do so.

  1. Antlers are one type of gift that can be given, and the state of Missouri is home to a large population of white-tailed deer.
  2. McIntosh, who is 33 years old, is quite knowledgeable about antler shedding.
  3. He has been collecting antlers for more than ten years and currently has over 120 of them in a variety of sizes and forms in his possession.
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“I’ve got some big ones, too,” he continued. “I’ve got some monster ones.” There is a strong possibility that the same enormous buck lost not one but two of the largest sets of antlers. Both McIntosh and his father, Kyle Shannon, were able to locate one of the antlers independently in close proximity to one another.

  1. McIntosh said that his had been “a bit chewed up” since he had discovered it in the forest.
  2. His was lying in a hay field,” the obituary said.
  3. The antler that McIntosh discovered had 10 points, but the antler on his father’s side has 11.
  4. On his property, which is located approximately five miles north of Canton, McIntosh has discovered a large number of antlers.

However, he finds them in other spots in Lewis County and the adjoining Clark County where he has been given permission to go shed hunting. One of these sites is a 360-acre property located someplace “up north,” according to what he claimed. He stated that there are situations when they are even discovered on public land.

  • According to McIntosh, the best time of year to look for shed antlers is between the months of February and April.
  • This is the time of year when bucks normally lose their antlers.
  • He exclaimed, “I’ve discovered quite a few matching pairs,” and went on to elaborate.
  • They were stacked on top of one another when I discovered them.

They were separated by five feet when I found them. There are moments when you discover them thousands of miles away. I mean, a deer may lose antlers on one side and then five days later lose them on the opposite side. When asked about the origin of everything, he responded by saying, “I found the first one by mistake when I was fishing.” McIntosh, who has been going deer hunting ever since he was 13 years old, has kept that very first antler in his collection because he thinks it is stunning.

Then, when he continued to uncover more of them in various locations around northeastern Missouri, his collection soon increased. When McIntosh is on the quest for sheds, he will trek miles and miles across fields and forests to see what he can find. According to him, his level of achievement is somewhat determined by “how much snow is on the ground.” There are further members of his family that participate in the search for sheds.

McIntosh would sometimes bring along his children, his son Noah, age 10, and his daughter Marissa, age 7, on his expeditions to look for sheds. He added that they even have their own own that they’ve discovered on their own. “Morgan, my wife, also goes, although she is never successful in finding one.” According to McIntosh, the discovery of a massive antler gives him a sense of the potential size of the white-tailed deer that may be found in a certain area.

  1. This is one reason why he appreciates the pleasure of making such a discovery.
  2. He told me that there was a possibility that I may uncover shedding from a deer that had never been discovered before.
  3. If he’s hiding away and you discover his antlers, you know he’s got to be there someplace,” the narrator says.
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According to Joe Jerek, who serves as the statewide press coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation, shed hunting is a well-liked pastime in the state of Missouri. He stated that acquiring, keeping, or even selling antlers that are found on the ground is totally lawful and that a permission is not required to do so.

  • According to Jerek, the one and only exception to this rule is when one or both antlers are still connected to the skull of a deer that has been discovered dead.
  • In such situation, he explained, anyone discovers the antlers and wishes to preserve them is required to notify the find to a local conservation agent or a regional DOC office.

This is the case whether or not the individual intends to keep the antlers. This is done to ensure that the antlers did not come from a deer that was unlawfully taken for its horns. When Is Deer Season In Missouri 2021

How long is deer season in Missouri?

Seasons for Deer in Missouri in 2021

Method Season Dates
Firearms – Main Portion 11/12 to 11/22
Late Youth Portion 11/25 to 11/27
Firearms – Antlerless 12/03 to 12/11
Alternative Methods 12/24 to 01/03/2023