Where Is Whataburger In Kansas City?

Where Is Whataburger In Kansas City
Hours and information about the restaurant for the Whataburger location in Kansas City North, Missouri Located in the northern part of Kansas City, the Whataburger restaurant can be located at 400 NW Barry Rd ( by Barway Plaza ). People coming from Waldron, Independence, Liberty, Smithville, and Riverside will find the eatery to be in a very handy position due to its location.

How many Whataburgers are being built in Kansas City?

This year, it intends to open a total of six restaurants inside the Kansas City metropolitan region, and it has announced more locations for 2023. Within the next seven years, KMO plans to establish thirty Whataburger restaurants across the Midwest, from Wichita, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Was Whataburger ever in Missouri?

Where Is Whataburger In Kansas City Jan.31, 2022 Last updated on Monday, February 1, 2022 at 7:54 a.m. As part of its ongoing development, Whataburger will soon open a location in Kansas City’s western suburbs. The image is courtesy of Whataburger. As Whataburger opens up shop in four different cities across the state of Missouri, its influence is expanding well beyond the confines of Kansas City.

According to a local news station in Missouri called KOLR10, the San Antonio burger company that is more of a cultural institution than a restaurant is apparently intending to open three outlets in the city of Springfield, Missouri. Whataburger has submitted applications for three separate building permits for its Greene County facilities.

According to the documents, the completion of the work might occur in September of 2022. According to a tweet made by Mayor Bradley Jackson on January 27, residents of the City of Ozark will soon have the opportunity to have things run according to their preferences.

He mentions in the post that the burger restaurant has filed plans to the city, and that “soon you will be able to taste the delectable products that are on their menu.” The post also includes a photo of the distinctive orange “W.” The announcement comes after Whataburger’s initial Show-Me state growth began in Kansas City, where the first restaurant debuted in November to wonderful reviews from residents and NFL super fan Patrick Mahomes.

The news comes after Whataburger’s initial Show-Me state expansion began in Kansas City. Following the acquisition of Whataburger by Chicago-based BDT Capital Partners in 2019, expansion strategies were put into high gear and put into action. Additionally, additional locations are anticipated in the state of Tennessee.

Is there an In N Out in Missouri?

In 2016, In-N-Out Burger was recognized as the fifth-best burger joint in the United States, although the restaurant does not have any outlets in the states of Kansas or Missouri.

Who owns Whataburger in Kansas City?

Within the next seven years, KMO Burger intends to establish thirty Whataburger restaurants across the states of Kansas and Missouri. Despite the fact that the fast-food restaurant is a Texas institution, the headquarters of its ownership has moved out of the state.

Is there going to be a Whataburger in Raymore Missouri?

Main navigation – Where We Stand Properties, Tenants, and Specialty Investments, as well as Sales, Development, and Acquisitions Sign up to get updates here. Name of the Property Location 1921 West Foxwood Drive Raymore, Missouri 64083 GLA 3,751 Square Feet Contact

Is Joplin getting a Whataburger?

Patrick Mahomes, who led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in the Super Bowl and was named MVP of the game, is being credited for helping to bring Whataburger to the city of Kansas City. We are getting close, and I have no doubt that they will want to maintain expanding their presence in Missouri with other outlets.

Who bought Whataburger in Texas?

2000–present – Whataburger celebrated its 50th anniversary on August 8, 2000, with 575 locations still open for business at the time. During the 77th Texas Legislative Session in 2001, a measure was approved that recognized Whataburger as a Texas Treasure.

The bill was signed into law by Governor George W. Bush. It was in the year 2003 that they decided to employ the advertising agency McGarrah Jessee, which is located in Austin. They were the ones who came up with the idea to use the gravelly voice of William Bassett, an actor from Ohio. The firm reached its goal of 700 shops throughout 10 states and one billion dollars in yearly revenue in the year 2007.

In October 2011, the firm switched the voiceovers on its television advertisements from Bassett to those of staff and customers using their own words to convey what makes Whataburger unique. Previously, the voiceovers had been provided by Bassett. By the end of the year, it had a total of 728 outlets running throughout 10 different states.

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The Dobson family owned 611 of the stores, while around 25 franchisees managed and controlled the remaining 117 locations. According to a story published by American City Business Journals on May 16, 2019, Whataburger revealed that it has retained Morgan Stanley to explore the possibility of selling the company.

The Dobson family sold the bulk of their shares in the business to BDT Capital, an investment firm located in Chicago, on June 14, 2019. One of the reasons given by the corporations for the sale was that they had long term expansion ambitions. The majority of the present leadership will continue in their jobs, but they will also take on additional responsibilities inside the organization.

Ed Nelson, who had previously held the positions of chief financial officer and controller, has been elevated to the position of president. According to the announcement made by the firm, the Whataburger headquarters will stay in San Antonio. Ed Nelson was given the title of CEO of Whataburger effective as of August 1, 2020.

The corporation began expanding to the Midwest in 2021, establishing facilities in and around the metropolitan areas of Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas, as well as other locations in the space in between these two cities. It had been absent from the Nashville region for some decades when, on January 5, 2022, the first of eight planned facilities in Middle Tennessee opened its doors in Hermitage.

Whataburger made the announcement in March 2022 that it will establish eight restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia during the years 2022 and 2023. A groundbreaking ceremony for the first location was held in Kennesaw, Georgia on April 6, 2022. A second location in the vicinity of Woodstock, Georgia is scheduled to open in the latter half of 2022, and six more locations in Cumming, Dawsonville, Athens, Buford, and Commerce, Georgia are planned for 2023.

On July 25th, 2022, it was reported that in addition to the other stores that were mentioned, two new locations, one in Snellville, Georgia, and one in Winder, Georgia, will open its doors in the year 2023.

Where are the new Whataburger locations opening in Kansas City?

Whataburger has big plans for the Kansas City metropolitan area, and they include opening additional locations. Whataburger The first Whataburger restaurant in the Kansas City metropolitan region debuted in Lee’s Summit a month ago, and then another restaurant opened in Independence shortly after.

  1. However, the corporation announced on Friday that plans are already being developed for an additional dozen.
  2. In a statement, Whataburger senior area manager Mike Garza expressed his excitement about the upcoming opening of a location in Kansas City.
  3. We are delighted to bring our huge tastes, fresh ingredients, and innovative recipes to Kansas City,” he added.

“We are excited about the prospect of developing here and being a part of the community.” The Lee’s Summit site, which is located at 1450 N.E. Douglas St., debuted in November to much excitement. This was followed by the opening of the Independence facility on Monday, which is located at 18902 E.U.S.40 highway.

Both of these eateries are owned by large chains. Additional corporate sites, along with their anticipated opening dates, are as follows: 8420 W.135th St., Overland Park (the previous location of Salty Iguana), will open in late 2021 or early 2022; 905 Missouri 7, Blue Springs (the former location of Winstead’s), will open in early 2022.1921 West Foxwood Drive, Raymore (the former location of the Golden Corral), for the summer.

For the summer, 95Metcalf will be located at Overland Park at the intersection of 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue. Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and a Whataburger fan for as long as he can remember, is a partner in the Whataburger franchise partner KMO Burger, which has ambitions to develop 30 stores spanning from Wichita to St.

Joseph. However, the organization intends to focus on the metropolitan area. The following establishments will be KMO’s first area eateries to launch in 2019: 10780 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas, for the beginning of 2022. This location is directly to the north of the Legends Outlets Kansas City and was last occupied by Logan’s Roadhouse.

First of several KC metro Whataburgers opens in Lee’s Summit

▪ 11300 Nall Avenue, Overland Park, for spring. Metro North Crossing, located at 400 NW Barry Road, will be open throughout the summer. During the summer, the location at the southwest corner of 159th Street and U.S.69 in Overland Park.14123 W.135th St., Olathe (close to Menards), during the latter half of summer.

  1. The 9100 block of Missouri 45 in Parkville for the autumn season.
  2. The intersection of Interstate 435 and Bannister Road in the southeast, for 2023.
  3. For the year 2023, the intersection of Missouri 152 and North Booth Avenue (near Liberty).
  4. Although there has been a lot of demand from local fans for a Whataburger to operate in the middle of the metropolitan area, the firm has stated that it is currently looking into potential locations.
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However, the company is not interested in acquiring any more franchisees in the Kansas City area. According to the official website of the corporation, Harmon Dobson established Whataburger in the year 1950. It occurred to him that he could open a restaurant that “served a burger that was so enormous that it required two hands to hold, and that was so wonderful that after taking a single mouthful, patrons couldn’t help but exclaim, ‘What a burger!'” Items are created fresh when ordered, and they use 100% beef and a bun that is 5 inches in circumference.

There are also sweet and spicy bacon burgers, mushroom Swiss burgers, patty melts, honey BBQ chicken strip sandwiches, fish and chicken sandwiches, salads, and breakfast dishes such as honey butter chicken biscuits, pancake platters, and taquitos with cheese on the menu. Restaurants are often open all day, every day of the week, and at all hours of the night.

Late in 2018, when the renowned burger restaurant with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, offered to send Patrick Mahomes some of his preferred ketchup along with a T-shirt, Mahomes responded on Twitter by saying, “I just want a shop in Kansas City.” Preparations being made for a Lee’s Summit The opening of a Whataburger in June of 2020 served as the first proof that the brand will soon be available in the metropolitan area.

  1. Garza, who was once in charge of Whataburger’s operations in Texas, is going to be in charge of expanding the number of corporate-owned Whataburger outlets in the Kansas City region.
  2. He had previously called this place home from 2010 to 2012, and he and his family just moved back after being gone for 11 years.

Whataburger has ambitions to have 400 local employees by the end of the year, and they intend to hire more than 1,000 locals to fill positions in the region by the year 2022. Employees receive their pay on a weekly basis and have the ability to choose their own timetables.

Additionally, there are possibilities to progress within the organization, and managers have the ability to make up to $60,000 yearly in salary and bonus potential. On average, the income of operating partners is in the six figures. A trade journal known as QSR included Whataburger on its updated list of the 27 chain restaurants with the most rapid expansion in the United States.

At the moment, it operates over 850 outlets across 14 states, and its annual sales are estimated to reach $2.8 billion. It is anticipated that five Whataburger restaurants, which will be the chain’s debut in the Memphis, Tennessee region, will open in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

In the beginning of 2022, Whataburger also has expansion plans to take them to Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Star posed the following question to its audience in the form of a poll one month ago: “Which of the upcoming restaurants in the Kansas City region are you most excited to try?” Out of the eight possible options.

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With 52% of the vote, Whataburger was victorious with thunderous success. This article was first published at 8:00 in the morning on November 12th, 2021. Since 1989, Joyce Smith has been reporting on the latest happenings in the restaurant and retail industries for The Star under the brand name Cityscape.

Whataburger is a fast food?

Whataburger is a regional chain of quick-service restaurants in the United States that specializes on hamburgers. Its headquarters and primary location are in San Antonio, Texas, and the firm is privately held.

How many Whataburger locations are there in Texas?

This article is about a restaurant franchise that serves hamburgers and is based in Texas. See What-A-Burger for the restaurant franchise specializing on hamburgers that is based in Virginia.


Type Private
Industry Restaurant
Genre Fast food
Founded August 8, 1950 ; 72 years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.
Founder Harmon Dobson, Paul Burton
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Number of locations 880 as of February 3, 2022
Area served Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Southeastern and Southwestern United States
Key people Ed Nelson (CEO)Leonard Mazzocco (Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)Mike Gibbs (General Counsel)Rob Rodriguez (Senior Vice President and Chief Restaurant Operating Officer)James Turcotte (Chief Development Officer)Janelle Sykes (CFO)
Products Hamburgers • Chicken sandwiches • Fish sandwiches • French fries • Milkshakes
Revenue $2.698 billion
Owner Family owned by Tom, Lynne and Hugh Dobson Majority Owned (August 8, 1950–June 14, 2019)Minority Owner (June 14, 2019- Present)BDT CapitalMajority Owner (June 14, 2019–present)
Number of employees 43,000 as of December 2021
Website whataburger,com

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We beg you, in all modesty, to refrain from scrolling away from this page. If you are one of our very few donors, please accept our sincere gratitude. Austin, Texas location of a Whataburger restaurant Whataburger is a regional network of fast food restaurants in the United States of America that specializes on hamburgers.

Its headquarters and primary location are in San Antonio, Texas. In 1950, Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton, who would later go on to start the firm, opened the doors to their first restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company was run by a private equity group along with the Dobson family, who still own a tiny part in the business.

The Dobsons owned the chain until 2019 but sold it to the firm. More than 670 of these establishments may be found in the state of Texas alone, in addition to more than 150 in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and the southern United States overall, of which 126 are franchised.

  • Whataburger was well-known for many years due to the distinctive appearance of its A-framed buildings with orange and white striped roofs.
  • Odessa, Texas, was the location of the first A-frame restaurant, which opened in 1961.
  • It was the 24th Whataburger to open overall and was recognized as a historical site.

In 2019, a new structure was constructed on the site after the previous one was dismantled. The “Whataburger,” the “Whataburger Jr.,” the “Triple Meat Whataburger,” the “Bacon & Cheese Whataburger,” the “Justaburger,” the “Whatacatch,” and the “Whatachick’n” are the flagship products of the brand.

Why work at Whataburger?

Where Is Whataburger In Kansas City Join the Whataburger Family – the people who work at Whataburger, which serves the city of Kansas City, are what make the company great. We have a strong sense of pride in our job, we look out for each other, and we enjoy providing excellent service to our clients.