Who Won Miss Missouri 2021?

Who Won Miss Missouri 2021
Joye Forrest Winners

Year Name Hometown
2023 Miss Missouri USA 2023 will be crowned on May 21, 2023
2022 Mikala McGhee St. Louis
2021 Joye Forrest Spanish Lake
2020 Megan Renee Kelly Seymour

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Who was Miss Missouri 2021?

Winners of the preliminary competition held on Wednesday night include the members of the Sigma group as follows: Rookie Talent Winner, Miss Spirit of St. Louis’ Outstanding Teen Bridget Caldwell; Overall Talent Winner, Miss Show Me State’s Outstanding Teen Kyleigh McCourt; Overall and Rookie Talent Winner of the Sigma group; Overall Talent Winner of the Sigma group.

Winner of the Overall Evening Gown and the On-Stage Question, Halie Hebron was crowned Miss Northwest Counties. Mallory Sublette was named Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen, while Olivia DeGrave was named the winner of the Rookie Evening Gown and On-Stage Question competitions for Miss Northwest Counties’ Outstanding Teen.

(picture by JC Productions; used with permission) Halie Hebron, the current holder of the title of Miss Northwest County Rookie and Overall Talent Preliminary Winner, and 2021 Miss Missouri, Callie Cox. (picture by JC Productions; used with permission)

Who was Miss Missouri 2022?


MISS MISSOURI USA 2022 Mikala McGhee St.Louis
1st Runner-Up Autumn Black Kansas City
2nd Runner-Up Victoria Owen Jackson County
3rd Runner-Up Sydney Wilhelm Webster Groves

Who crowned Miss Missouri 2022?

At the Vanbros and Associates Inc 30th Anniversary Celebration, which took place on May 1 in Branson, Missouri, Mikala McGhee was awarded the title of Miss Missouri USA 2022. She was competing in a pageant for the first first time, and it was also her final year to be eligible for the Miss USA competition.

She feels privileged to be able to represent the Show-Me State in this year’s Miss USA competition, along with all of its extraordinary, multifaceted, and passionate inhabitants! Aside from her involvement in pageants, Mikala is a vivacious personality that works in several media and is working hard to build her reputation and brand all across the country.

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Mikala was able to land a full-time news reporting job at the #1 station in the Greater St. Louis region after completing a three-month internship at the station. This accomplishment was accomplished despite the fact that Mikala lacked any professional training or background education in broadcasting.

  1. Mikala’s hands-on work and grassroots efforts in the community, along with her inherent talent to tell fascinating stories, helped her evolve into one of the best young reporters in the region.
  2. She is now considered to be one of the top young reporters in the region.
  3. She ultimately made use of her skills in athletics to shift into the sports department as an anchor and sideline reporter.

She was given the moniker “Money McGhee” for the “Money Moments” that she highlighted for various players competing in the high school sporting arena. Long before she began a career in broadcast media, Mikala was a three-sport varsity athlete at Pattonville High School.

She competed in softball, soccer, and basketball during her time there. Her exceptional abilities as a student-athlete led to a variety of chances for community engagement and professional achievement. Mikala was selected for First Team All-Conference in all three sports she participated in, First Team All-State and First Team All Metro in basketball and soccer, the St.

Louis Cardinals Female Athlete of the Year for two years in a row, the Riverfront Times Female Athlete of the Year, and First Team All-Decade Player of the Year in soccer as voted on by the St. Louis Post Dispatch. She also received a number of other prestigious awards.

To this day, she has not been surpassed as the all-time leader in scoring for girls’ basketball at Pattonville High School. After that, Mikala decided to attend Missouri State University on a full athletic scholarship so that she could compete in Division I basketball there. She played for the Lady Bears for two years before transferring to George Mason University as a student-athlete.

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There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and graduated from the university. She continued her schooling at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she competed for the Eagles and finished her fifth and final year of NCAA eligibility. Mikala received her Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Gulf Coast University, with a focus in Law and Administration.

  • Mikala returned back to her hometown of St.
  • Louis not long after she graduated from college.
  • She immediately began playing professional basketball with the St.
  • Louis Surge, in addition to taking on the dual responsibility of working as the team’s communication and social media intern.
  • After Mikala started her career in broadcasting, she decided to retire from playing for the team and instead take on the role of color commentator for the squad.

She is committed to aggressively pursuing opportunities to advance in her chosen sector, with the ultimate goal of one day producing and hosting a game show of her very own! Mikala, an advocate for women in sports as well as mental and physical health, collaborates with the St.

Louis Surge to help young girls in the state of Missouri who want to take part in youth athletics have an equal opportunity to do so. In addition to this, Mikala established her very own charitable organization known as More Miracles STL. This is a faith-based organization with the mission of improving the quality of life for individuals and families in the St.

Louis area through the provision of services such as education, therapy, financial literacy, job placement, and youth mentoring. Mikala’s favorite quotation is, “A woman who lives her life with intention does not need to go after other people or possibilities.

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Where is Miss Missouri from?

Miss Missouri USA

Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Lenexa
Location Missouri
Membership Miss USA
Official language English
Key people John M. Vannatta Jason Vannatta Jennifer Vannatta-Fisher, State Pageant Director
Website Official website

The contest known as Miss Missouri USA is the pageant that determines who will represent the state of Missouri at the national level in the Miss USA competition. Vanbros and Associates, who have their headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, are the ones in charge of directing it.

The year 1993 was the year that Missouri became a member of the Vanbros group of state pageants, which is part of the Miss USA and Teen USA systems. Shandi Finnessey is the only woman from Missouri to win the title of Miss USA. In 2004, she competed in the Miss Universe pageant and finished as the first runner-up to Jennifer Hawkins of Australia.

The most recent placement was in 2017 by Bayleigh Dayton, who came in at number 10 overall. Finnessey is one of three former Miss Missouri USAs who has participated at the Miss America pageant. Although Indiana and Missouri have both had titleholders who competed in a different state at Miss Teen USA, Indiana has had the most crossovers between the two pageants, with six former Miss Teen USA delegates who have also won the title.

What is Mrs Missouri American?

Mrs. Missouri The United States of America honors women who are married and live in Missouri who have achieved success in their personal lives, careers, and communities. Ages 18-99.