Why Is Mahomes Not Playing For Kansas City?

Why Is Mahomes Not Playing For Kansas City
USATSI During the Monday training camp practice for the Kansas City Chiefs, the star quarterback Patrick Mahomes exited the field with a foot injury and went to the white medical tent. This caused the Chiefs to have a brief moment of concern. According to Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star, Mahomes was taking part in an 11-on-11 drill when the pocket collapsed and the defensive line won the fight in the trenches.

  1. Mahomes was the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs at the time.
  2. Mahomes stayed on his feet amid the pressure, but then walked into the medical tent and came out with tape around his left ankle.
  3. According to Newell, Mahomes participated in the last quarterback exercises after his absence.
  4. It would appear like the quarterback had his foot stomped on while the play was in progress.

Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, was quoted in Arrowhead Pride as saying, “He was stepped on. He’s OK.” The first and most important rule of training camp is that you are not allowed to touch the quarterback, and you should also avoid stepping on his foot.

  • After getting shoved at the goal line while attempting a two-point convert just this past weekend, Josh Allen, the star quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, got into a fight with one of the other team’s players.
  • To our great relief, there was nothing of the type that took place with the Chiefs.
  • Mahomes has had previous issues with ailments to his lower body, including a knee injury that he sustained in 2019 and turf toe that quarterback experienced in the playoffs two years ago.

If the Chiefs’ great quarterback were to suffer a major injury, the offensive scheme of the team would undoubtedly be drastically altered. Despite the fact that Mahomes threw a career-high 13 interceptions in 2021, Kansas City came back from a slow start to finish the season 9-1, win two postseason games, and go to the AFC Championship game, where they were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime. Why Is Mahomes Not Playing For Kansas City

Is Mahomes injured for Kansas City?

Mahomes left training camp practice while the team was going through exercises and went to check in with the medical tent. On the Kansas City Chiefs’ first day back at practice since tight end Jody Fortson left with a quad injury, the club witnessed another offensive player go down on Monday morning.

  • The injury occurred on the first day back after Jody Fortson left with his injury.
  • This time, it was superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes who had to leave practice for a little while due to what seemed to be an injury to his left leg.
  • Mahomes seemed to be favoring his left leg, according to various reports from those who were there at the practice field that the Chiefs use at Missouri Western State University.
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Mahomes seemed to have sustained the injury during an 11-on-11 team drill exercise that saw the pocket collapse due to pressure from the Chiefs’ defensive line, as reported by Jesse Newell of The Kansas City Star. Mahomes made a following quick visit to the sidelines and medical tent, where he immediately departed with his ankle wrapped and his helmet with him.

  • This occurred after Mahomes made a brief visit to the sidelines.
  • After that, he went back to practice for the remaining portion of the day, which consisted of individual quarterback exercises that included roll-outs and passes.
  • Mahomes finished up Monday’s morning practice by running among his teammates, according to Nate Taylor of The Athletic.

After the workout, head coach Andy Reid addressed the concern of Mahomes’ apparent injury. His words were brief, but he reassured everyone that his quarterback was alright and had just been twisted up as a result of an offensive lineman being shoved back into him.

He said this to calm everyone’s fears. Reid reassured me that “he’s okay.” Mahomes said, “I just got stepped on pretty hard. So I’m sure I’ll get a little bit of a scratch and a bruise on there, but luckily it wasn’t any of the ankle or anything like that.” Scroll down to continue. “He’s alright.” On Monday afternoon, Adam Teicher of ESPN tweeted a quote from Mahomes describing his injury.

Here’s Mahomes on what happened today: “I just got stepped on pretty hard.” Mahomes had a passer rating of 98.5 after a season in which he threw for 4,839 yards, 37 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. His total passing yardage was 4,839 yards. He was selected for the Pro Bowl for the fourth year in a row and led Kansas City to the AFC Championship Game.

  1. However, the Chiefs were ultimately defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals due to a second-half offensive meltdown, which caused Reid’s high-flying offensive attack to struggle to score points.
  2. Despite this, he was awarded his fourth Pro Bowl nod in a row.
  3. In addition, Reid updated the audience on Fortson’s injuries.

The tight end, who is 26 years old and has a quad strain, is expected to return to practice as soon as possible, according to the team. “I imagine it will be a few days before we get him back out there,” said Reid. “We’ll get him back out there.” Follow the @ArrowheadReport account on Twitter and like the Chiefs Nation page on Facebook to get the latest information on everything related to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Is Patrick Mahomes playing in the AFC Championship Game?

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Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has stated that he has been cleared to participate in this weekend’s American Football Conference championship game. Although he did not return to the game, he has practiced for three consecutive days in preparation for the game against the Buffalo Bills.

  • Mahomes, who is 25, stated that he would be able to “go out there and be myself.” This last week consisted mostly of tests, but once I completed them all, I consulted with four different medical professionals, and all agreed that everything appeared to be in good shape.
  • Will the Chiefs take on the Packers in the matchup for Super Bowl 55? Predictions for the National Football League: Your Complete Guide to the NFL Playoffs Mahomes also said the toe injury that caused him to limp last week was “feeling a lot better.” Back-up quarterback Chad Henne, 35, was set to start against the Bills if Mahomes was not passed fit.

Mahomes is the youngest player to win a league MVP (2018) and a Super Bowl after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers last year. Henne, who was making his first start since 2014 because Mahomes was given the night off to recover for the last game of the regular season, stepped in and assisted Kansas City in securing a thrilling victory against Cleveland.

  1. The victors of NFL’s two championship games will compete in Super Bowl 55, and there will be roughly 17,000 people at the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium.
  2. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently ranked #1 in the American Football Conference (AFC) and have the goal of being the first team to successfully defend its NFL championship since the New England Patriots in the 2004 season.

After going winless in the Super Bowl in the 1990s, Buffalo is looking to make it to the big game for the fifth time. The Buffalo Bills, under the direction of quarterback Josh Allen, have won both the AFC East title and a play-off game for the first time in 25 years.

What was the problem with Patrick Mahomes in the game?

Cornerback Eli Apple did a lot of gloating on Twitter after the Bengals beat the Chiefs and progressed to Super Bowl LVI. Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner suggested the previous week that Apple may have made the greatest play in the AFC Championship Game.

  • Apple’s team won.
  • You may be thinking that it happened when Apple made the stop on Tyreek Hill, who was playing wide receiver for the Chiefs, just short of the goal line at the conclusion of the first half.
  • But in reality, it occurred a few plays earlier when Apple interfered with Hill in the end zone, resulting in a penalty for the offense.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Warner posed the following question: “Could this defensive pass interference call be the biggest play that happened in all of the playoffs?” Warner argues that if Hill had caught the pass, the Chiefs most likely would have increased their lead to 28-10.

  1. In normal circumstances, a defensive penalty never works out nicely for the defense,” Warner says.
  2. It is probable that the Chiefs will try a field goal to extend their lead to 24-10 if there was no penalty and the pass was incomplete.
  3. At that moment, the Chiefs would have benefited greatly from scoring any points at all.

Fans are aware that the Chiefs had the ball placed at the 1-yard line, but they were unable to score since the final play of the first half for the Chiefs was a throw from Patrick Mahomes to Hill that gained no yards. Hill caught the pass. Warner provided his comments on Mahomes’ performance in the AFC Championship Game, including his analysis of the final pass of the first half and the reasons why it was destined for failure from the moment the ball was snapped.

Warner expressed his opinion that the play call wasn’t all that great. Mahomes pretended to hand off the ball to running back Jerick McKinnon after taking the snap with five seconds remaining in the second quarter and the Chiefs having used all of their timeouts. According to Warner, this was the primary issue.

Warner stated, “First of all, everyone in the stadium is aware that they cannot run the football here, and they are not going to run the football because if they run it, then they will be stopped, and the half will be over.” “So they’ve got to throw it and they’ve got to throw it quickly.

Did Mahomes have a case of the turnovers?

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, had another game marred by turnovers, and as a result, the Tennessee Titans defeated the Chiefs in a rout in Nashville. What exactly is included in this article? Click here to show why Mahomes is pressing the issue.